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Nebulus took 15 months to complete. It's the most complex RPGMaker project I created so far.

Nebulus started as a simple minigame in my project "Zodiac Towers", which I never completed.

In summer 2010 I reached a point, where I found it extremely difficult to integrate all of my ideas with the RPGMaket 2000, especially the weapons powerup system. So I switched to the Unity 3D engine.
After some weeks of prototyping, I thought that I had already put too much effort in the RPGMaker project to simply discard it. So I decided to complete it as it was and make the Unity project a sequel instead of a remake.
You can find more information about Nebulus 2, which was renamed to "Aqua Nebulon" here : http://rpgmaker.net/games/3663/
There is also a small demo available for download.

The character Luki is based on Ineluki, a german programmer, who developed the keypatch used in this game.

The dragon Schoeppli is based on GSandSDS, webmaster of the biggest german RPGMaker Community. He was also one of the betatesters of the game and had lots of game design ideas.