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Planned Cast for Lufia VI
  • XBuster
  • Added: 12/19/2012 11:48 PM
  • Last updated: 07/13/2024 03:07 AM


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Here is the cast planned for Lufia VI excluding the first 7 from Lufia 2. Here is the list from the top left to the bottom right.

Lufia II cast

  • Maxim

  • Selan

  • Guy

  • Artea

  • Tia

  • Dekar

  • Lexis

Planned Guest Cast:Beta Faces
  • Kattana(Ninja)

  • Seth(Double Swordsman)

  • Nina(Angelic Swordsman)(Breath of Fire inspiration)

  • Hiro(Monk)

  • Sakura(Elf Knight)

  • Selenia(Archer)

  • Mika(Monk)

  • Dekai(Great Swordsman)

  • Foxy(Hunter)

Permanent cast (No faces yet)
  • Alexander(Maxim's descendant)

  • Tiara (Lufia-like girl)

  • Lance (Army Commander)

  • Kiara (19 year old elf that acts like a child)

Hmm, not bad. I was thinkin of different weapons too
Thanks:) I still have to edit them, but for the most part, I like them. How are your characters?
They're comin along really good. :)
I've been working on customizing the map sprites.
Does this mean that you're resumin working on your Lufia?
Pretty soon. I'm using my moms laptop to work on things until I can get my own, but I won't always be able to work on it. You should show them to me sometime:)
Sure, I even been workin on the mermaid sprites. Right now I'm also workin on a Mermaid City chipset.
I don't know, maybe I'll have a Mermaid guest character ;)

It's alll comin together.... :)
I've been looking for the mermaid chipset and nobody has it. I would appreciate it if you send me one when you can. BTW, do you have a gmail?
Cast sounds cool. Nina is a nice touch.
Thanks:) There are more characters being planed as well. Nina is one of the most well rounded characters in the game. She also learns a ton of support magic.
No, I have a yahoo. I'll send the mermaid chipset to you when I finish it. So I take it that you never recieved the "other" one?
I did receive the other one:) I was just asking because we could do a live chat sometime about our games.
Yeah! That way we can go back and forth with each other instead of waiting for one big message every now and then.
I really like some of these =D

The blonde guy and the green haired guy are my favorites.
I really like some of these =D

The blonde guy and the green haired guy are my favorites.

Glad to hear that you like them:) I can't wait to start making their battle sprites.
I can make some edits, for example some shadow are not well with the perspective
Yeah, I noticed that too. I don't know how shadows work correctly at the time, so you can help me learn.
As the perspective, really the shadow of medium-upper part can't be appear so closer, so the design simply use shadows for the lower part of the character
(feets, etc), the weapons normally don' have shadow.

Im making some edits, but before I wanna make you some questions, the girl, in the right side of lexis, have a tail no? Also I've edited so now it looks more a tail appearing from the ass, before looks like appeared from the middle of the back.

BTW all the sprites look very good, if you designed 'em good job :p
Yes, that is a tail:) I'm starting to get the shadow thing too. Also, I did design them:) They are all original characters edited off the original models. There are alot more I want to do, but I need to draw them first. I look forward to seeing your edits.
at the moment I've edited this sprites
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