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Planned Cast for Lufia VI
  • XBuster
  • Added: 12/19/2012 11:48 PM
  • Last updated: 07/21/2024 03:37 PM


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I see:) there are some improvements. Are there any others you'd like to make?
I will make a revision of the others sprites too when I have some of time
Alright I need to start page 2 because this game has a ton of characters(Guest, permanent, etc). In my opinion, I think Gods are too powerful to be taken down by a few people, so I want to extend the image of how powerful the Sinistrals are.
So if you were gonna estimate, how many charaters are you gonna have?
I would say about 16-18. Lufia III had 14 playable characters. Some are guests and may appear on several ocassions. For example, one character is a pirate and she comes and goes as she pleases until she joins you for good. I have a lot of ideas, but I can only have so many characters.
I see, well that's twice as much as mine. At the least..
However, one thing I've noticed is that less characters can be best because it leads to better character development. Also' huge amounts of characters can lead to unnecessary scenes and dialogue. Now that you mention it, I should probably divide the characters in half so that I can split them into 2 Lufia games(I do plan having more than one). I'll just have to plan more. So, how is your game coming along?
Well I was wrong about your characters. My max will be 9 and 3 guest characters. It's coming along pretty good I've made more battle backgrounds. Right now I'm giving XP a try. I made more of my heroines too, I don't know why but they're easier to make.
Great:) Show them to me when you can. I look forward to seeing progress because I can't work on my own. Lufia VI would have been close to completion had I not moved. But, at least I'm able to plan in the meantime. I also planned on having 9 characters. I'll make 18 of them, but only 9 characters will be selected and the other 9 in storage. I also make battle backgrounds by editing the existing Lufia 2 versions. So far, I have 6 versions of edited backdrop. I'll try and show you some tomorrow:)
Also, while experimenting with XP, could you tell me what its like? I've never seen it before. And girls are easier to make. I draw anime and everyone says drawing males is alot harder than females. I have 5 male Lufia VI characters and 4 female so I'll try to even them out.
Well,on paper drawing males is easier in my opinion. In XP the chipsets are twice as big it's weird but you get used to it. When you're making a map it's a little more orgainzed. You can add elements from other chipsets into one map. I'm still getting used to it
It sounds pretty interesting:) I also heard something about scripting used in it as well. Is it harder to navigate through than 2003? Also, is it possible to have round-based combat rather than turn-based?

I'll also try and upload some of my older artwork so that you can see where my characters come from.
Alright then cool. I seen the scripting part in it too. I haven't practiced fighting yet
I'll have to try XP asap. Do you have to pay for it or is it completely free like 2003? I won't change my program choice in the middle of development, but I still want to try it. When I get back to work on my game, expect to see a demo and an abundance of updates:)
I'm just using it's trial version. Other than that you have to buy it.
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