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It's almost 2012, with World Destruction right around the corner, what else can we do but make games about it?

You are tasked with defending the Earth, in all it's spinning glory, from the might of giant flying asteroids that are being drawn directly at it!

Build platforms and then pick and build turrets on top of them - destroy them with gun turrets, pull them away with tractor beams, and place mines in their path to make explosions!


Use the mouse to build Platforms and then build a turret of your choice on the platform.

Turrets will automatically target the closest target on the screen and within range, play around to learn the advantages of each turret, some are better at pushing while others are better at destroying!

Special Controls:
1. Hold down the SHIFT key to select turrets OR drag a box with the mouse to select all turrets in that area.
1a. Left click on an asteroid to have selected turrets target it.
1b. Shift left-click to move the selected turret(s) to the location.
1c. You can use Ctrl+<number> to save and the <number> key to recall groups just like a standard

Latest Blog

Demo Version!

The first demo version is live and I've updated the first post.

Lots more to do with this, but this is the version submit for the contest.

Play it online here:
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I like it! Interesting take on a classic genre. Perfect little pick up and play game. I'm giving you ALL THE POINTS.
Thank you! I want to add some additional levels and a tutorial level or two, maybe themed levels or modes (limited types of turrets, etc) and new asteroids.
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