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Taebris Forest

Go to the south and on the next map jump through waterlilies. Now open the chest with Tonic. Go to back to the first map and continue to the east. Here is place where was captured Novriath on the start of the game. Armegmus will remember it. In northern part of the first map you can find Nayrin Relic. Now go to two maps to the east. In eastern part of this dungeon you can find Elixir of rhe Cat. In the north is map you must jump to a log, which floats around. In locked southwest chest you can find Seer Gloves.

On the eastern map you can go to the south. In the northeast you can find Silver Claw.
In the east you can find Nayrin Relic and Cadia Petals. Go to back to the map with floating log around and jump to the west and find Bethurial Ore. In the north map go
to the east and find Cadia Petals. In more north map is lots of waterlilies and when you jump to them, so nearby waterlilies, which were hidden, they will apperas and nearby waterlilies, which was visible, they will vanish. If you jump to the west you will find
Cadia Petals. In west is chest with Fire Brooch. In the next north map is lots of islands,
to which you can jump. Find secret passage to acces the east chest. In the chest is
Nayrin Relic. In the west you can find Strong Medicine.

Fight Griffin. After battle Vaklkyrie will find out, that they are surrounded by cloaked humans, which are asking questions to Armegmus. It is going about that if Armegmus working for Balerus. After a while you find out, that Efflora has found. She will invite you to their village, Krell. After any time Novriath will come to Krell and will cal Armegmus. Valkyrie is going to kill him. This battle is imposible to win, so after defeated is not game over, but a cut scene. Valkyrie is nearly killed, but Armegmus save her. Novriath want that Armegmus go with him. After will come Efflora to him, he changes his mind
and come with your team.
You find out, that Syndarion is in Ordune, research facility
on the Verada Ice Waste mountains. Here are running strange experiments. Novriath has been injected with serum, which causes, that is easier for thim capture and kill his own kind. Balerus changed and erased some Novriath's memories. Novriath apologizes
to Valkyrie, too. Novriath and Armegmus will decide that next way is going through
Onyx Mountains.


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I don't have a growth mindset...yet.
Thanks for posting. Really looking forward to the next few.
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