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You are need to find someone in Faergrad, who take you to Ordune. After leave from Onyx Moutains read fourtheenth entry of the Mathiad's Journal. Now go to the Faergrad and watch cut scene. Open the western house by Lockipick. In house in the chest you can find 5 000 Etherum. Ahead of in is panel about quest Fair Game. Talk to petitioner, Geraldine, for more information. You find out, that you need Mystic Urn, to catch Ephembra which you get from Geraldine.
Now I am tried the minigames (Orz-Whack!, Tiptoad, Stick and Stones and Hare Today). After game you get some ]Ospes Tokens according to succes.
In the Orz-Whack minigame you have to press the same key as you see in yellow field. Every game is 15 seconds long. The aim is to get most right hits. If you get 28 or more points, you will get Stuffed Animal.
In Tiptoad you have to withstand more time as you can between four frogs, which is moving. If you cross way to them the minigame will end. If you withstand here 20 seconds and more you will get Elixir of the Cat and Elixir of the Owl and 9× Ospes Token.
In minigame Sticks and Stones you have to get good shots more as you can. If you hit bird, which is far, you will get more points. The Chicken is for 2 points, Swallow is for 4 points and Hawk is for 6 points. Here is extra points for shots, which hits more birds for the same shot. If you get 24 or higher score you will get Elixir of the Bear, Elixir of the Turtle and 8× Ospes Token.
In the minigame Hare Today you have to 15 seconds watch for Harold's (rabbits) way. After time limit you have to select, which rabbit is Harold. If you are right you are win, if not you are lose. If you win 6 games streak you will get Elixir of the Turtle and Elixir of the Owl and 5× Ospes Token.

Get 30 and more points in Orz-Whack! minigame and get ]Stuffed Animal. Stay 20 or more seconds in the Tiptoad and get Elixir of the Cat and Elixir of the Owl and 9× Ospes Token. Get 24 or higher score in Stick and Stones minigame and get Elixir of the Bear, Elixir of the Turtle and 8× Ospes Token. Win 6 or more streak in Hare Today minigame and get Elixir of the Turtle, Elixir of the Owl and 5× Ospes Token.

Go to Token Exchange and get 2× Potent Tonic for 10 Ospes Tokens for one, Nayrin Relic for 20 Ospes Tokens, Bethurial Ore for 25 Ospes Tokens, Lifeforce for 20 Ospes Tokens, Ambrosia for 15 Ospes Tokens, 2× Miracle Medicine for 10 Ospes Tokens for one, Elixir of Vitality for 15 Ospes Tokens, Elixir of Foresight for 15 Ospes Tokens, Fleet Shoes for 25 Ospes Tokens and Wind Talisman for 25 Ospes Tokens.
In the last minigame called Real Deal you must catch fish, so that you press key A and S so fast as you can. The count of pressed keys must be 100 before 15 seconds limit ends. However here is some another complication; if in sreen will apears letter X you mustn't continue pressing the keys, because you will snap the line. If you cath the fish in 12 or less seconds, you will get Elixir of Vitality, Elixir of Foresight and 5× Ospes Token.
Ask the Erit for sail to Ordune, but he now sailed here, so he doesn't want to go back, extra is a festival and night. He have to go to the Stick and Stones tent too, so he leaves. You party will decide, that they will leave tommorrow.

Open chest in the wanderlust by Lockipick and find Blackburrow Swig. Go to special items in inventory and read the description of the Stuffed Animal, the thing, which you won in the Orz-Whack minigame. The description will give you hint to open the chest in the tent. In the chest you can find Elixir of the Bear, Elixir of the Cat and Nayrin Relic.
Now go to northeast and watch Effolora's and Novriath's dialougue. They are recommand you to talk to Fidese.
In the inn talk to Finch and give him the bottle with Blackuburrow Swig, which you find in the chest in Orz-Whack tent and you will get Burning Rapier.
Now talk to Fidese. Armegmus is trying toconvice Fidese, that things will get better and after that talk to Vellamik. He talk about relationship between Trux and Brynn. He explain why Brynn suddenly started hate Trux.
Go to west and to the north and watch to cut scene with Armegmus and Val. They are reconcile. He talking about his parrents. He want to stay in Faergrad after he complete the mission. He say that Val can stay with him.

Buy some weapons, armour and other equipment.


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I don't have a growth mindset...yet.
I'm impressed...all the bonus prizes from the games!
I have to admit, thatI kind of cheated in Hare Today minigame. I saved game after some wins (I stopped recording after win). Actualy I won 3 games streak.
I don't have a growth mindset...yet.
That's just good strategy =). I did the same thing when I ran through the game.
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