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The gates in Azriad is monitored by gurad so Fidese puts him to sleep. Armegmus
and Vellamik hide him. They steal armor from sleeping guard. Enter right door and find Panacea. In next map on the market place you can find 5000 Etherum. Now go to upstairs and near left staircase is Elixir of the Bear. On the first floor in the inn is Tonic. On the next market place is panel for quest Missing Peace. On the east of it is
Nayrin Relic under rock. Open house with green roof near a fountain by Lockpick.
In the east side of the house is Ambrosia. Go to upstairs and talk to Barzun. He trading statues. He will give you for:
Nayrin Helmet for Imp Statue,
War Mask for Dog Statue,
Nayrin Band for Turtle Statue,
Nayrin Circlet for Rock Statue,
Lion Statue for Nayrin Guard,
Nayrin Coronet for Serpent Statue,
Nayrin Cowl for Dragon Statue.
In the second market place is Panacea too. In the pub talk to Katie and go to basement and talk to Melwick. Here is miniga called Eraticator and consist in that you have to shot rats and bats by blue balls so long as you can. You can have 5 balls in hand. If you lose them all, you can get next five. If bat or rat reachs box is end of game. The longer endure, the more you get Etherum.

Go to the old town and from here to the port. Behind the box is hidden chest with
Nayrin Relic. Now talk to Ryimm, petitioner for quest Missing Peace. You have to go to Forgotten Crypt and bring back Sanctified Remains to the altar. Return back to the old town. Go to uppest tent. Here is memory minigame called Recolect. This game is similiar game as pexeso, but here is some speciffic rules, which is explained in the game. If you get more than 70 points, you will get Nayrin Relic. Now go to the place, where the river changing dirrection to the left, you find here Potent Tonic. Go to northeast and find thief standing at the door. He breaks last Lockpick and leaves. Now you can open it.
In the house is two chests with Miracle Medicine and Potent Tonic.

After complete quest Missing Peace. Go back to Barzun and trade with him Nayrin Cap for Angel Statue.

Go to north and find cloaked men. You need to sidetrack them, so Armegmus tell him, that a group of a Theolars want attack the city. They will send a help, but don't leave. Fortunately Vellamik has a plan, he have friend in Stink Eye, who can help them.

Go to the Stink Eye. Zaird send you inside and you have to wait for Fane. Fane wants to find Cerulean Tear in Grotto.

The position on the video is: 0:04:07. If you want to open the red chest in the vault in Azriad you have to complete The Grotto and find Cerulean Tear (hyper-link
to the walkthrough is at the end of this document)
. After The Grotto completion talk to Fane. Now you can open the chest, which contains Miracle Medicine, Potent Tonic and 2× Bent Claw.

The position on the video is: 0:10:16. Stay 150 or more seconds in Eraticator and get Nayrin Relic.


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It made me very happy to see you post this. So close now.
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