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Azriad Sewers

Go here and read the read the eighteenth entry of Matthiad's Journal. Use Lockipick
to activate the switch. Pull the switch and open a chest, which contains Miracle Medicine. Now pull the bottom left switch and enter next room. In second room pull left switch and on the middle of the map pull green switch to open the door. Now pull the left switch again. Now pass the third room and in the fourth room pull the left switch and move
a boulder left. Now pull the left switch again. In the next room On the up left corner is chest with Potent Tonic. Return to the previous room and pull the right switch and return back. Now pull the green switch. Now use the switch from the previous room again.

Pass the fifth room and pull the switch in the next room and return to the previous room and find Lens of Insight. Now pass the next room. In the seventh room Pull the switch near entrance. Now enter and pass the eighth room. In the ninth room pull the right switch. Find chest with Potent Tonic. Now switch maps to mode without water and go back
to seventh room and pull green switch, which opens door in ninth room. Go back here. Now pull the bottom left switch and enter the tenth room. The tenth room is the last room. In this room is three gates, which you have to open by green switches. Here is some chests, in the first upmost right is Ambrosia. The second is on the to left corner and contains Lifeforce. I will not write how to solve this, because in this room is lots of object and it can be confusing, so if you have problems watch the video.
In this video is boss fight with Parasite (the position on the video is: 0:30:57).


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I don't have a growth mindset...yet.
I must have missed this one somehow. Thank you again for posting all your videos. It definitely helps to have a video walkthrough of this dungeon in particular. That last room can be tricky.
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