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Azriad Castle, Sanctum and the end of the game

Go to Azriad Castle and find Balerus. Because this scene is very close to the end of game I will not write in detail what happens.
After dialogue with Balerus will come here Vekros with his guards and paralyse all party members. And after that steal Exitium Stone. Syndarion says, that they were from Matthiad's old world. Now you have to find Harolan's Charts and right code to open door. Now you leaving to the Matthiad's world. After some time you will get hit by meteor.
Here is minigame in that you have to avoid meteors. If you get hit your health will be reduced. The indicator is in top right corner of the screen (green = full health, yellow = medium health, red = no healthyour are dead). You can create protective shield by pressing X button, but you can use this focus only 5 times and only for one second. If you get hit, so will be the shield created automatically, but this will not reduce count of remainings shields. If you want to see remaining time and shields press button A.
Times by difficulty:
Easy: 60 seconds
Medium: 90 seconds
Hard: 120 seconds
Legendary: 150 seconds
After minigame you will get to the wormhole. After that read the nineteenth entry of Matthiad's Journal. Now are outside of a building and you are let in by computer. Inside you are welcomed by Aurora. She tells you where things are. The door to the top of the building where is Vekros is protected by password, so you must find 10 terminals to get it.

Find all 10 terminals and write the clues for the code.

Enter the door and talk with Vekros. Fight Exitium Cannon and Vekros. Focus the attacks to the cannon. The cannon doesn't attacking.
After some tens of hits the stone will start be unstable, so you leaving with others from Sanctum. Only Vekros is staying voluntarily. Enjoy the last minutes of the game...

Thank you for watching!

My results:

I have found 89 Nayrin Relics only and missed minimal 4 Bethurial Ores. If you found more relics and if you want, you can record the missing Nayrin Relics and Bethurial Ores locations and download my videos videos with Nayrin Relics locations (most of my videos are in creative commons license, but in some videos are copyrighted the sound tracks from the game and this videos can't be in CC license) and create one video with all 99 Nayrin Relic locations and one with all Bethurial Ores locations.


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I don't have a growth mindset...yet.
Wow! What an undertaking. I can't tell you how grateful and impressed I am that you had the dedication to see your walkthrough project all the way to the end. I really enjoyed watching your videos. Thank you again.
Thanks for wathing and enjoying my videos. I am looking forward to Canvas completion, it looks interesting.
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