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Stickdude Goes to Hell has 100% original graphics. It was made in less than an hour, for one of #rm2k's many Onehour competitions.

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Awesome, I added a download link. Check it out, noobs.
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  • The Real Brickroad
  • RPG Tsukuru 2000
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  • 06/09/2007 06:40 PM
  • 12/14/2022 10:59 AM
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This got a nice little laugh out of me, and I like the original graphics, but I'm disappointed that this wasn't the kind of game I expected. Oh, whatever, if you want to be lazy, be lazy.

Thanks for the 3-minute waste of my time. :)
Mine doesn't work. Looks funny though. Don't matter though. There was only 2 maps, lol.
Please Pm me. Mine says I need to install RTP. I really want to download this game. But it says I need RTP. Please help.
Short as it is, I actually enjoyed it. BTW, if the download link doesn't show up, try navigating elsewhere and then hit the back button - this worked for me (in Firefox).

Does anyone know how I can port RM2K3 games to a wheel of cheese? I think I've got the controls and sound working right but the video just isn't there. Should I microwave the video driver? Any help is appreciated. Hopefully I get it up and going before it starts to get moldy, I'd hate it if I had to start all over again.
Thanks in advance :-)
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
This game has the best graphics.

Dead serious.
Managed a first-time escape with 6:30 left on the clock. Probably one of the fastest "games" I've beaten on RM2000. XD

A solid one-star from me if I could review it. :P
That was fun in a very strange kind of way.

I personally think if it was expanded on, cleaned up and stylized some more, it could become quite the quirky little adventure. Something about the black background and white lines really appeals to me.

But as it was, it's the shortest RPG Maker game I've ever played, as well as one with the most depressing endings ever. Not that I'll spoil it for the people who have yet to play it, but have your tissues ready! ;)
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