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My First Game & First Demo Release v1.0


“Nightmares…we all have them while we sleep. I have them too. Only difference is that I have them only while I’m awake. I wish I could avoid them or at least control them. But my failed efforts indicate that I have no power over these bad dreams.”

These are the opening words of the protagonist, Jaquio, who in his opening monologue foreshadows the sort of inevitable dark affliction that will be plaguing him throughout his journey. The story begins by chronicling a mission setup by the resistance group, Chivalry, to steal a powerful weapon from a militant pseudo government, Vesta Inc. Jaquio, being one of the highest ranked soldiers in Chivalry is assigned the task of completing this operation.

The more Jaquio learns about what Vesta Inc. is doing and why they are doing it, the more Jaquio learns about his direct connection to them. Lies, deceit, mysticism and magic encompass this complicated tale about a hero trying desperately to learn about himself and his forgotten past. But the more he learns, the more he realizes that every decision he makes has dire consequences to the people he loves and even Earth itself.


Jaquio: Known formally as Jaquio Balder, he is the main character of the game. His entire life is being manipulated by outside participants, who use Jaquio for their own personal gain. Jaquio struggles throughout his journey to identify the people who are actually his friends and those who are foe.

Jessica: Jessica has connections to Chivalry, however, her connections are unknown. She aides Jaquio in his mission to steal a weapon from Vesta Inc, yet no one at Chivalry will admit that they know her.

Morak: Morak Lantana is son of King Myrole Lantana and the rightful King of Nilfheim. He is first introduced to Jaquio inside Nilfheim Jail, a jail that houses the most villainous creatures of Nilfheim. Morak was sentenced a lifetime banishment to Nilfheim Jail for his accused crime of murdering his father, King Myrole Lantana.

Lemos A.K.A, Cursed Mage: Lemos is King Myrole’s most trusted counselor. He was valued by King Myrole for his magical prowess and in depth knowledge of Nilfheim’s history.

Ramoth: Ramoth wanders Nilfheim aimlessly, simply for the sake of doing so and for stealing everything and anything he can get his grubby large hands on. He is a drunk and is especially talented in the art of gambling and bullying those that get in his way.

Freya: Freya is an aspiring self taught Sorceress. Jaquio later on falls in love with her, and she becomes his beacon of light through his time of darkness and sorrow.

Lothar A.K.A, The Red Knight: Coined “The Red Knight” for his history of killing foes and conquering empires, the legendary tales of Lothar are shared at all Inns and places where stories are worth sharing in Nilfheim. There are some who doubt his existence and his feats, however, all enjoy listening to the impossible, corky stories that people standby as truth.

Tifa: Tifa is an Elf who lives secretly in the Black Forest. Tifa, and the rest of her kin are believed to have died out during the last Great War and this is exactly what they wish for. All, that is, except Tifa. Tifa believes that the world should know that Elves still exist, and her beliefs are further solidified when Jaquio accidently stumbles upon her.

-==FEATURES==- (There many features! Almost everything in this game is custom)

1) Custom Battle System: JAOD game includes a custom, turn based battle system. All battle operations are tracked and affect how opponents will respond during battles. Enemies are programmed to “think”. If you are too aggressive, the opponents will be more defensive and use abilities such as heal, block, and defense increase. If you are too passive, the opponents will be more offensive and use their most damaging abilities on you. A balance in between includes a more ideal battle where the enemy will taunt, be defensive and offensive. Battles are designed to make the gamer think strategically, reasonably and also bring an element of luck to the table. One last note on enemies is that they will grow stronger as you grow stronger, so be careful with upgrading your level too quickly!

2) Custom Menu System: JAOD game includes a custom menu system with options Equip, Save, FAQ and Party. The FAQ section updates continuously as you advance through the game. There are 100+ questions answered under the FAQ section!

3) Custom ABS (Attack Battle System): The ABS is not the main battle system in the JAOD game. The ABS was added to bring some variety to battling. You can perform two different attacks, a normal and special attack. Normal attacks have the possibility of executing complex combinations, while special attacks are naturally very powerful attacks.

4) Mini Games & Quests: JAOD game has literally 1,000s of mini games! There are sneaking around mini games, puzzle mini games, racing mini games, card mini games, stealing mini games, battling mini games, drinking mini games, dancing mini games, sound mini games, thinking mini games, hide & seek and more! As you advance through both worlds, Earth and Nilfheim, you will begin to associate many of these mini games with the quests given to you by NPCs.

5) Custom Battle Options and Leveling System: JAOD Game includes a feature that puts building your battle menu and leveling entirely into the hands of the gamer. I have coined this type of system “CBMS” (Custom Battle Menu System) where more power is given to the gamer. Basically every hero begins with the options “Fight”, “Defend” and “Item” as their available battle menus. As battles are completed and Battle Points are rewarded, Battle Points can then be used to add more battle menus to existing battle menus. The choices you choose from are listed below.

*Fight; allows you to perform normal physical attacks

*Defend; will reduce the amount of damage done to you, and restore a small portion of health.

*Item; allows you to use battle items

*Combo; allows you to create series of physical attacks

*Ytiliga; focuses on enhancing and utilizing your natural talents

*Escape; this technique was not designed necessarily for cowards, but for men who desired to live another day

Coming soon…

*Kigam; allows you to summon the forces of nature to your bidding

*Sacred Art; this is an archaic technique used for the sole purpose of destruction

*Star Light; this is the counter part of Sacred Art. It is a near forgotten magic that encourages life and longevity

*Summon; allows you to call upon the Gods of war and peace to fight alongside you

*Edicius; this is a dangerous but powerful sacrifice






Latest Blog

-==JAOD Project Release Something Weekend==-

Hello everyone! I am still hard at work on the JAOD Project. And today I have a new video for you in light of the RMN "Release Something Weekend" event!! In this video, I display a few mini games that you may encounter while playing through Jaquio: Angel of Death videogame. I wanted to demonstrate the wide array of mini games available in this RPG game; there are hiding games, shooting games, chasing games, racing games, card games, dodge-em games, a number of deadly games and more! I do not demonstrate all of these mini game types, but you should get a good feel for what this RPG has to offer.

Lastly, thank you to those that hosted this event! I am sure I speak for many people in this community in saying that you've burned a fire under us to work on our projects. Even if it was for only one weekend.

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Remember when I actually used to make games? Me neither.
I expected Tifa to have big boobs.
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
I like your maps, story sounds interesting, combats look interesting, following up.
@Nightowl LOL, you are funny! But Tifa is actually a tribute to my wife, whose name is Tiffany. No excessively big boobs are involved, unfortunately.

@Chana I am happy to hear that you still enjoyed my story briefing, because I was unsure of how much information to put in it. This is my first game and it is an ambitious undertaken because this project is based off a novel that took me 13 years to write (There is so much history it would make your head spin). The storyline is much more than an identity crisis faced by the protagonist. But in my attempt to not spoil too much of what's to come, I'll continue to leave the impression that this is the main storyline. Although I suspect I'll have to answer to the gaming world eventually. Also, thank you for subscribing and taking an interest in this project. I appreciate your kind gesture.
So what build is everyone working with? I've rocked all builds (as you probably could have guessed), but as of late I'm experimenting with straight leveling. I hit Lv 5 and my Fight command is still at Lv 1 by the end of this current demo release. I focused on upgrading my luck stat whenever I could, and will probably get Escape on my next BP visit. How you guys doing?
well i tried posting my personal review opinion of the game. it was denied saying it was a favor to the author. Anyway i played almost all the way through and would like to see a completed project in the future. I gotta say battles are like difficult and a bit drawn out, or maybe i am doing something wrong.
The old too favorable review decline eh? Lol, that's ok. Every game could use some improvement. Drop whatever overall score you gave me, and I think it will be accepted. Thanks for the comment, review attempt and subscription! Wow, that's a mouthful, try saying that three times fast.
I don't know if this is an actual bug or simply my not following instructions... but i clicked "enter" on at the save points, but it didn't save. I clicked esc to see if the save option would show up at them but it didn't. Do i need to use the "enter" key on the number pad specifically? Or did i miss something?
Could be a bug. This is how the save point works. Approach the save icon, press the action key (Enter). Without moving away from the save icon access the main menu with (ESC). Is that what you did? Moving away from the save icon will remove the save option from the main menu.
that's what I did. maybe it's a bit touchier than I thought tho. Also when the guards are alerted at the beginning of the game, the save point turns off for some strange reason until you've killed 3, and then after that you can't save until you find a save elsewhere...
BTW what is the second code? I had to find a piece of paper, and may not have copied it right...
The codes change depending on the choices you have been making and how you actually got to that point in the game. I will send you a list to try. And nice work, it sounds like you are almost complete with the Vesta scene.
I was trying to avoid fights but even tho i didn't go in the one room right away, in going one room south, I still triggered them being alerted, and didn't think it would do too well if i left them alive.
That's good. I'm happy you picked up on that because I've been forgetting to mention it. The decisions you make do increase the number of battles you get into. So it's nice that you have been working your way around remaining a little low key. I've added more about this under the Pro & Tips page.
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Playing it and having fun.
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
A worthwhile demo, lots of custom stuff, original, fun, though it certainly needs working on, people should look into it.

Edit : when the download will be up again...
Hi! I will have another release December 2012. That should give me the time needed to implement everything.
So happy to see the status change back to "Production."

This game has a ton of promise and it would be shame if it didn't see the light of day.
Thank you Zadok83! Finding time is always an issue, but giving up cannot (should not) be the defacto solution. So long that I have some supporters, I will continue to work on this project and make sure it gets, at least, a glimpse of day light. :-)
Thank you Zadok83! Finding time is always an issue, but giving up cannot (should not) be the defacto solution. So long that I have some supporters, I will continue to work on this project and make sure it gets, at least, a glimpse of day light. :-)

That's great to hear! The title of the game intrigued me, because I'm a huge fan of the original Ninja Gaiden. I also have a soft spot for custom battle systems, but the characters are what really grabbed me. Good luck on making further progress.
WOW! This game seems amazing!!

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