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-==Bertesgaden Mother Sewer Bug==-

  • drxeno02
  • 11/11/2012 07:01 AM
Hello everyone! I am still hard at work on the JAOD Project. And today I have a new video for you. Laying eyes on the Mother Sewer Bug that lurks in the shadows of Bertesgaden Sewers is something no one ever wants to do. Well, I did it! Take a look at this video as I demonstrate how to battle one of the most deadly boss battles in the classic rpg game, Jaquio: Angel of Death.


Further updates to be announced later. Happy gaming!


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I also wanted to mention that I am creating a boss strategy guide on my official JAOD website. The link to that is here: http://leonardtatum.blogspot.com/p/jaod-bosses.html.

The list is still being formulated. Bosses are added to that list as they as being implemented in the game. Anyway, let me know what you think of the bosses so far. The released demo should have several bosses for you to try your hand at! Please keep following the updates of my very first project, Jaquio: Angel of Death, and don't forget to subscribe.
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
It's like I said in the beginning : the system's interesting, the animations are good but it's terribly slow, have the oval hud appear much quicker, the time between the strike and its effect shorter; the arrows, not quicker than the last ones for sure, but much less maybe, the whole battle, as interesting as it is is MUCH too long and slow if you see what I mean.
Hey Chana! You have actually touched upon a couple things. First, the amount of sequence presses you have to press increases as the Mother Sewer Bug increases in strength. In other words, if you allow her to increase her strength you are punished with having to do the needle dance longer. Behind the scenes in the video I actually cheated and bumped up her level before initializing the battle because I already had a "cheat" build, which is my test build for battles. So what you saw was not an exact representation. Although I do agree with you 100%. When you enter this fight and all is normal, you only do 7 arrow presses over 5.3 seconds. With every increased level arrow sequences increase, maxing out at 25 (I think). Secondly, transitions in my videos will always remain slow because I have 0.3 sec breaks between enemy/ally turns, in status effect/recovery and text display. I think I explained this to you before, but when I release the demo these breaks will be removed. They are there so that I can parse all the different turns and make sure everything is going well. I am the only QA for my project, so testing is important, tedious and time consuming. And sometimes I cannot change all my code just to have a single moment on video where everything looks exactly how it will look in the end product.

I do appreciate your comment though (again), but I did listen to you the first time. Everything you said to me before I took to heart and implemented, although my video may not fully represent it yet. The battles in this game won't be default RM2K3 speed because there are a lot of components in this custom battle system and I personally hate how I am unable to parse who exactly (me or the enemy) is attacking in most DBS. But the end product will not have the break time intervals which will speed things up (including the HUD). I will see where I can further cut down the wait times, but my primary goal is finishing this product rather than perfecting. This is my first RM2K3 game I have developed (so give me grace!), and I just want to be able to have a finished product first. I can work on the tweaks later.

Thanks for keeping your interest in my project and for the good tips. Already I have commented you all over my code because you have influenced many positive changes. Thanks Chana!
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Hey, it's a good game, no miracle I'm interested! Glad I could help:)
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