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-==JAOD Shootout & Sythe==-

  • drxeno02
  • 07/08/2012 12:07 PM
This video demonstrates one of many minigames you will encounter in this game. And to cap the video off is an introduction to a boss fight!


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I'm a dog pirate
This looks awesome.
Very well done! I'll quite enjoy that minigame and hopefully that isn't the only time you get to have a shootout. Also, Sythe seems like an interesting character. I imagine he'll be a recurring antagonist?
Hi Zadok! And you are spot on. Sythe will show up here and there throughout the entire game. He is one of those characters that shape many events that Jaquio will encounter. He isn't the head honcho, but he is close to it!
Looks pretty interesting. If you expand the shootout parts to include more enemies, it wouldn't be too difficult to add in a bullet time like effect. Here's an example of one of my old ones, from a game about a grizzled ex-archangel who goes Dirty Harry/Max Payne on a bunch of demons.

Wow! Now that is a great shootout scene. Thank you for sharing that with me Killer Wolf. Although I will not change what I have already implemented, your video does give me an idea for another mini game. :-)
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