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Narissa is an oddity among the people of her Realm.
Where others prefer to focus on creating, arts and trade, she prefers to explore the lands around her, fighting monsters and mapping the unknown. Her love of exploration leads her to trouble, however and because of her actions a trap is sprung that endangers every life in both the True Realm and the Mirror Realm.

Now it is her responsibility to stop the trap before it destroys not one, but both worlds.


Narissa: A young woman who loves to explore the wilds. A scout and bow-wielder.

Jidor: Friend of Narissa's who has a love of the creepy. A trader and sword-bearer.

Clarissa: A woman whose heart is given to her country. A spy and pike user.

Mirad: A mysterious man with ties to both realms. A user of staff and arcane magics.


Each has a part in the story of the realms.

Each is responsible for the damning of the lands and each just as guilty as the other.

Together can they save their homes or will they live to see...


(So damn melodramatic ^.^; )

Latest Blog

Foggy Future?

I use overlays pretty sparingly, I think - only when needed, really. In RealmS I've thus far used two - one at the festival and one during a scene which is inaccessible to the player as yet. Yeah, not a big user of fogs. More into tints, really. However!

There comes a time in every RM users life when they need to ask the question - should I use a fog here?

So, this is something I want to address and I'd like opinions. Being that I'm using the RTP and don't want to get too bogged down in making things too spiffy-looking when it's a relatively simple chipset, I have to ask myself if I really need to go that extra step into the world of overlays. Do I really need to worry about overlays in places like forests where a tint may do just as well?

For example, I'm currently mapping a sort-of dead forest that will lead to a haunted mansion. Okay, so I've already decided on using a fog at the actual mansion site and a light effect when inside (with tints, of course) but I also find myself wanting to add a bit more atmosphere by using a fog for the forest itself. And this is where I ask myself why I feel that the forest lacks atmosphere enough to warrant using a fog.

The RTP is a fairly bright and cheery set - you'll get no arguements from me about that. I'll try my best to make the darker areas of the game darker, but even in real life there's a splash of colour in the bleakest of places. It should be possible, though to make something bleak and dreary with the combination of music and base graphics without relying too much on overlays. But then again, are overlays now considered part of the graphical equation? That is, are they now an integral part of creating atmosphere in a game - especially one made on a SNES-era game creation program?

X_X Sometimes I argue myself in circles.

Okay, here's the lay-down. Should I use overlays in general areas in RealmS or keep them for special scenes/areas instead. IE: do I make them a common thing or rare?

With fog.

And without.
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I love the look of this game.
This looks neat, I love RTP done well. When do ya think y'all have something downloadable?
Thanks both! ^.^
A demo should be ready by the next RS day - 20th June.
Looks good. But can you please PM Me on how to change the font? The font on my rpg maker 2003 is stuffed. Please PM Me.
I really like the look of your back-view DBS because it reminds me of mine!
Great RTP mapping, that's how it's done. Interesting plot synopsis, looking forward to checking this out.
Wasn't there a demo released for this game? If that's the case, why isn't it on the downloads section?
There was supposed to be, but real life caught up with me. I'm still working on getting it out. >.<
The snes sprites don't really gell with the RTP. Aside from that though, nice looking game. The back view battle system looks particularly nice.
Thanks. I prefer to use the SNES sprites as I think they go very well with the RTP (though if you're talking about the monsters - then yeah, they're a bit... um.) ^.^
On the contrary, Relyt! I find they work surprisingly well together!
I tested this out, and it all worked well until I went into the inn. Then I got an error and it shut down. Something about a Char2 or something.
Thanks, miceylulu. I've known about that bug for a while now. The newer version doesn't have it if you want to d/l that, or just go to that map and delete the black event. ^.^ (Not the one called Jidor)
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
You are an artist with the RTP. Nicely done. I'm downloading it now, following a playthrough, I'll write a review. Based on the screenshots, I'm in for a treat...
I'm posting the better demo right now.
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
Just opened the latest demo- after about 5 minutes of gameplay, at the part where you have to talk to the chef at the inn, I encountered a game-killing bug. "The file Chara2 could not be opened"
<facepalm of doom>
Thanks for letting me know that tardis. I had thought I'd gotten rid of that bug but apparently I missed one of the change hero commands. Sorry about that. I'll post up a fixed demo right now. >.<

why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
I'm playing this game and...I like it. Thank you, Liberty. Thank you.
Also, just wanted to let you know that with the new Subscription update, I can follow this a lot more closely!
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