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The UOSSMUD Randomizer

  • LockeZ
  • 05/29/2017 05:31 PM
Players who have gotten to level 100 in UOSSMUD and are looking for a way to keep the game fresh have an exciting new option to try. The UOSSMUD Randomizer changes almost every aspect of the entire job system, creating a new experience every time. This means the entire job tree, the stats and equipment of each job, and the abilities in each job are all randomized. Other parts of the game are randomized as well, including airship destinations and time gates in the End of Time.

The randomized parts of the game are the same for all players, but are re-randomized every two and a half days.

The randomizer is classified as an alternate race, like Mutant, Cyborg, Jumi or l'Cie. However, the name of the race is randomized.

For more details, type "help randomizer" in the game to read about it.