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All players are expected to know and follow the following rules.

1) No griefing or harassing other players.

2) Don't share information about the solutions of quests, or help other players with quests. Quests involve riddles or puzzles, and are meant to be solved and enjoyed by each player.

3) Don't try to abuse bugs or clearly unintended features to cheat or break the game. We want you to actually play it!

4) If you're not paying full attention to the game, your character shouldn't be doing anything. Triggers are allowed if you're playing the game, but we want you to actually play it!

5) There are restrictions on the creation of multiple characters by the same player. For more information, type 'help seconds' in the game.

These are guidelines which hopefully explain enough for players to understand the spirit of the rules and be able to follow them. If they are unclear, type "help rules_faq" once you're logged in for an FAQ with precise examples of what these rules mean to you. If they are still unclear, feel free to ask a wizard or administrator in the game.