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"The only hope for a dying planet is in the hands of a band of dying outlaws"


The game will feature a lot of custom systems and graphics. Some amazing Oringinal sprites by CharlesGabriel editted to fit my game (Big thanks to him for such great spritework!). Lots of editted and original chipsets. A Custom battle and menu system, a different style of encounter system (No random encounters! Its like a trap encounter system), Custom growth system, tons of mini-games/sidequests, and (hopefully) an interesting story with intriguing characters!

Title & Gameover screens by shiningriver
Charset template by CharlesGabriel

CharlesGabriel http://cgartsenal.blogspot.com/
Opengameart http://opengameart.org/

*More to come/be listed later!*

Latest Blog

Beta-demo coming soon..

I have been working on RoF for quite awhile now.. I had made steady progress over the last couple of months until suddenly, october.. I have lost a lot of motivation and decided to kind of take it easy and just keep tweaking ideas within the game. My ultimate goal was to release the game divided into three chapters, with the first chapter being released by the end of the year. No demos, just three different "games" in the form of chapters. However, I have found myself stuck with a sort of "writers block". It mainly comes from mapping. I'm just exhausted on mapping and creating/editting chipsets and the graphics side of the game that I decided a break probably needs to happen, as unfortunate as that it is to my original plan.

In the meantime, I think I might work on another small project, and set a short-term goal of finishing it. I would like to see one of my ideas actually see the light of day, for my own enjoyment and self-satisfaction atleast. I always seem to set unrealistic goals for myself and just continue to want to out-do myself to the point I am never satisfied with what I have created, and then scrap it and move on to something else. RoF is a game I have had in the works for the last few years, though admittingly in various forms or builds, constantly being scrapped and revised, different each time except for the core story and characters.

I'm sitting on a finished CBS and CMS, so while I'm pondering ideas and trying to gather motivation again for the project, I decided I will (at the very least) release a short beta-demo, just to play around with the CBS. I am preparing just a short section, It will just include part of the intro and one forest area after that, and one boss fight. I think this will be provide some good motivation, through criticism (constructive or bad) or feedback, and just finally getting some sort of creation of mine out there. I plan to have that ready and out there for bug-testing/beta-testing within the next day or two.

While I am on the topic, I would like to humbly request anyone who has experience with mapping (and likes to do so) in rpg2k3 to possibly lend a hand in just creating/mapping some of the areas in RoF? Maybe a trade deal, if there is something I could do in return for your game? I mainly need a few specific areas mapped (mostly a town, and a modernish city), and mapping is my severe weak point. A huge thorn in my side right now and kind of haulting my progress while I consider how I want to make them. If anyone is interested, please just reply here or send me a PM. I appreciate any interest in the project, or any interest in helping with mapping. Though I have no expectations, I thank anyone who considers it.

I will update once again soon with that beta-demo. Hope everyone had a good weekend! Until next time, fellow-rmn'ers~
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Thank you, I appreciate that. :)
love the thoughts in it looks like its gonna be awesome
No one else is saying it, so I'll be the first. Superb game/demo! I went through the entire released demo, and you did a very good job with everything I saw. Looking forward to whatever you decide to release in the future.
Thank you for commenting, and for playing the demo. :) I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed it.
The demo was so awesome! The only thing I could complain about was a bit low number of items that upgraded stats. Beat the plant boss on the third try (bloody plant >.< ).
Good game so far. I thought the walking speed was a tad bit fast, so perhaps bring it down a notch, but I'm really liking the battle system there!
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