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In the Kingdom of Hitia'a, fully encompassing the continent of Dar Sennadin, lives a young man, dedicated to the Church of Erindel. This man has a tortured past, and what he has seen and experienced has made him a depressive and zealous man. He finds solace in delving deep into the Church and its beliefs to avoid the memories from previous events, but the deeply rooted issues left by a traumatic childhood have fractured his mind, giving him hallucinations and constant unrest.

Follow Trent, young squire to Hedros the Paladin, as they look for a shadowy killer that has been hunting down Priestrate members from the Holy Church, in a time of civil uncertainty, as the King, merely a figurehead, struggles to regain some power over the Council of Barons, and nearly every court member is vying for dominance.

Darkness is in everyone, after all...

- Highly detailed world setting, lore, and plot.
- Fully working Caterpillar System
- Visible enemies, touch to battle; enemies will chase you if they are aggressive, run from you if they fear you, or just be dismissive if they're neutral.
- Well developed characters, each with distinctive personality, interests and motivations.
- A serious attempt at breaking down cliches (Or at least at making a dent on them).
- A default battle system with added flavor (Ranged attacks, chanting on spells, etc.).

Latest Blog

Plot development: 33.33%

So I've been working on getting all the plot details ironed out before going into the battle system (and then mapping, eventing and launching).

I'm happy to say that this is coming alone very nicely. I have A, M and Z of the story, I just needed to fill in the blanks.

The story has 6 Chapters planned out; currently, I have 2 chapters completed and a fairly good picture of what the 3rd will be. Here are the chapter names:

- Chapter I: The Priestrate Killer Part I - DONE
- Chapter II: The Deep Despair of Remembrance - DONE
- Chapter III: The Priestrate Killer Part II - WIP
- Chapter IV: Heedless Deities - PLANNED
- Chapter V: The Unwanted Gift of Life - PLANNED
- Chapter VI: Inocencia - PLANNED
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  • RPG Maker 2003
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  • 01/04/2012 04:42 AM
  • 05/23/2018 05:05 PM
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My mind is full of fuck.
Saw this in the screenshot topic, I'll await for a demo.
Devil's in the details
Hmm, good job being able to hold my interest for more than 5 minutes! Not many RM games manage at that these days.

Sadly, I encountered a bug upon leaving the camp area at morning. When going to south exit of the map, I got message I shouldn't be going that way. But when I tried to walk back up, I got that message from the next tile above as well and was sent downwards. So I ended up being stuck between the events.

The design seems pretty cool so far. The walking speed is killing me though, and some sounds seem off. Like when you jump, both character sound and the landing sound are weird. Other than that, I like your use of sounds!

I take it there are going to be more commands in battles later?
Thanks for the feedback! I will check on the bug report later on; that seems odd, but I'll try to fix it.

I knew the walking speed would get some criticism, but that is intended. It's a personal choice, really. I hate the games where the character just goes wheeeeee through the maps.

Yes, there will some more commands in battles. Have you finished the demo already!?
Devil's in the details
No, I'll probably continue from my last save at one point. For now I quited for getting stuck.
Sounds interesting, I've subbed and downloaded it. I'll give it a go and get back to you.
I knew the walking speed would get some criticism, but that is intended. It's a personal choice, really. I hate the games where the character just goes wheeeeee through the maps.

i dont wanna sound like a dick but dont do it man, just dont do it. if you want more than five people to play your game for more than five minutes, have the walking speed at default. or atleast implement a working "run"-button. i had a slower walkspeed for one of my games, mainly because my maps were smaller and the game focused on atmosphere but i find it to be completely unplayable because of this (along with some other issues but that's beside the point).

I agree with the walking speed comment. I can't count how many time that I've either had to go in and personally change it in other games or just stop playing them all together because of how irritating it is.
I agree with the above comments.

Walking/Running speed MUST be increased, otherwise the demo was very interesting, and I am waiting to play the rest of the game.

Keep the quality of the story on the same level, and this will be a great game.
I tried that in the past; but the caterpillar system would be screwed up. I'll try to fix it in any case... I make no promises, though.
Caterpillar system fixed, including a Run function.
Not a bad game thus far, a bit sluggish, but overall very impressive. I'm glad to see that a run function will be added, as that was my number one gripe, however another option would have been to just up the default speed one notch and that would have taken care of it.
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