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Progress Report

Plot development: 33.33%

So I've been working on getting all the plot details ironed out before going into the battle system (and then mapping, eventing and launching).

I'm happy to say that this is coming alone very nicely. I have A, M and Z of the story, I just needed to fill in the blanks.

The story has 6 Chapters planned out; currently, I have 2 chapters completed and a fairly good picture of what the 3rd will be. Here are the chapter names:

- Chapter I: The Priestrate Killer Part I - DONE
- Chapter II: The Deep Despair of Remembrance - DONE
- Chapter III: The Priestrate Killer Part II - WIP
- Chapter IV: Heedless Deities - PLANNED
- Chapter V: The Unwanted Gift of Life - PLANNED
- Chapter VI: Inocencia - PLANNED


Climbing up from Development Hell

Yep, this is still in production. More seriously now.
I've decided that I understand my strengths and my weaknesses, so I am world-building and writing a lot. Characters, plot, backstory.
Mechanics come later.

Which may not even come, to be honest. It's MY WEAKNESS. I just don't know how to make gameplay interesting. I see some amazing games here on RMN, with so interesting approaches to combat and diversified events to make the game feel alive, I just... it's not my thing!

Anyway, I digress.

TL,DR: Back in pre-production, after years in hiatus.

Progress Report

An update on development

I've worked on some of the suggestions given by some people that played through the little content there is so far. I've managed to fix/add the following:

- Run button (Shift). Friendly with Caterpillar system, so it works flawlessly (So far...)
- Skip intro button. So that you don't have to sit through the intro all the time, or in case you aren't interested in the plot (I cannot see why, though).
- General improvement to the battle system, adding skills and interesting conditions. This still needs a lot of work, though.

I'll continue tuning in systems and battle balance, so that soon I can add a new download.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully you people are still interested in seeing this through.


Quick "Fixes"

I want to thank Darken for providing his feedback on the questions I recently posted. I was able to pinpoint the existing bugs reported by Darken, and provide a workaround for the time being. I'll fix it afterwards.

In the Catacombs, you might experience some problems with the Caterpillar System, de-syncing and whatnot. Simply go to the next room; that should fix it.

also, in the 1st basement, when you are trying to go up the stairs in the north section (To go back up to the 1st floor and move the plot on), you might encounter an error if you walk on the center or right tile of the stairs. Simply hug the left side of the stairs and move up. That should trigger the sequence.


Requesting Feedback

So, I looked at the number of downloads, then looked at the comments section of the game, and I saw very few people commenting on the actual game. I would LOVE to get some feedback on the demo that I put out last week, and I figured... "Well, out of 58 people that downloaded the game, at least 2 or 3 must have finished it by now". After all, I think it must be just 45 minutes long. I don't know.

So I ask:

If you download the game and play it till the end of the demo, can you come back here and answer a few simple questions?


1. Did you like it?
2. Did you find bugs? Which?
3. What's you take on the story?
4. Did the characters feel... good?
5. What about the last part, did that leave you with the feeling of wanting to know more?
6. Was the ambient and setting something you liked?
7. Is this something I should continue to work on, or should I just leave it like a failed thing?

I really appreciate that you downloaded the demo. If you could leave your feedback, that would really help me. I'm having a hard time finding the proper motivation to move forward, and... well, I guess seeing what other people think about it would be of great help.


First Demo uploaded

Hello everyone. I have just posted my very first demo! I'm kind of excited to see the response from the community. All that is pending now, is for the download to be approved and become available.

I sincerely hope that balance is not an issue during gameplay. The demo is short (I couldn't say how much), but I feel it develops the few characters that are introduced fairly well.

PS: I actually had to re-upload the damn file, because the first time I had forgotten to change the starting party position from the testing map. Silly me.


A little update on development and some questions

I have been working hard lately on tuning up the first parts of the game, mainly translating the game from Spanish to English (Which is a little bit harder than I thought, since sometimes I have to expand a dialogue or two to make my point); it has also involved an overhaul on the enemy system, and now I added an... "aggro" system. This basically breaks down on proximity to the enemies depicted in each map, and some will react by chasing you, some will react by running away, some will just continue their route as they see fit. I feel this to be vastly superior to the randomness of "walk-around-fight-rat" approach; I will however monitor the level progress and difficulty this may pose and make changes accordingly, if needed.

The Caterpillar system has always been in the game, but hadn't been listed as one of the features; it has now been added to the list, and I hope it is welcomed as I think it looks very well.

One of the main points I'm seeing now that is a concern to me, is the fact that from the beginning, the main character (Won't say hero) is paired up with a member of the Church; a rather high-ranking member, and therefore on a much higher level (Over 40 levels above). Think Sephiroth teams up with Cloud in FF VII, when Cloud tells his version of the events in Nibbelheim, 5 years ago. Now, the concern is that the battles are way easier (As in 1-hit kills), and the high-ranking character getting 2, sometimes 3 turns while the main character is still waiting to get his first.
To address this, I'm considering on modifying a very important plot-driven scene at the end of the dungeon, to separate these two characters, so the challenge is then conferred to the main character again. It will actually justify a lot more the plot devices planned for that part, and will probably introduce another important character earlier than planned, but at the same time, will (in my opinion) improve the consistency of the story.

The level difference is very much planned and intended, as I want to show the ridiculous power difference between these two people.

I want to put up a demo of the first parts of the game, but I'm unsure. What do the 2 (so far) subscribers think about this? I want to read your opinions!

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