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Plot development: 33.33%

  • Large
  • 05/23/2018 05:05 PM
So I've been working on getting all the plot details ironed out before going into the battle system (and then mapping, eventing and launching).

I'm happy to say that this is coming alone very nicely. I have A, M and Z of the story, I just needed to fill in the blanks.

The story has 6 Chapters planned out; currently, I have 2 chapters completed and a fairly good picture of what the 3rd will be. Here are the chapter names:

- Chapter I: The Priestrate Killer Part I - DONE
- Chapter II: The Deep Despair of Remembrance - DONE
- Chapter III: The Priestrate Killer Part II - WIP
- Chapter IV: Heedless Deities - PLANNED
- Chapter V: The Unwanted Gift of Life - PLANNED
- Chapter VI: Inocencia - PLANNED