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A little update on development and some questions

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  • 01/30/2012 03:21 PM
I have been working hard lately on tuning up the first parts of the game, mainly translating the game from Spanish to English (Which is a little bit harder than I thought, since sometimes I have to expand a dialogue or two to make my point); it has also involved an overhaul on the enemy system, and now I added an... "aggro" system. This basically breaks down on proximity to the enemies depicted in each map, and some will react by chasing you, some will react by running away, some will just continue their route as they see fit. I feel this to be vastly superior to the randomness of "walk-around-fight-rat" approach; I will however monitor the level progress and difficulty this may pose and make changes accordingly, if needed.

The Caterpillar system has always been in the game, but hadn't been listed as one of the features; it has now been added to the list, and I hope it is welcomed as I think it looks very well.

One of the main points I'm seeing now that is a concern to me, is the fact that from the beginning, the main character (Won't say hero) is paired up with a member of the Church; a rather high-ranking member, and therefore on a much higher level (Over 40 levels above). Think Sephiroth teams up with Cloud in FF VII, when Cloud tells his version of the events in Nibbelheim, 5 years ago. Now, the concern is that the battles are way easier (As in 1-hit kills), and the high-ranking character getting 2, sometimes 3 turns while the main character is still waiting to get his first.
To address this, I'm considering on modifying a very important plot-driven scene at the end of the dungeon, to separate these two characters, so the challenge is then conferred to the main character again. It will actually justify a lot more the plot devices planned for that part, and will probably introduce another important character earlier than planned, but at the same time, will (in my opinion) improve the consistency of the story.

The level difference is very much planned and intended, as I want to show the ridiculous power difference between these two people.

I want to put up a demo of the first parts of the game, but I'm unsure. What do the 2 (so far) subscribers think about this? I want to read your opinions!