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An update on development

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  • 04/22/2012 04:43 AM
I've worked on some of the suggestions given by some people that played through the little content there is so far. I've managed to fix/add the following:

- Run button (Shift). Friendly with Caterpillar system, so it works flawlessly (So far...)
- Skip intro button. So that you don't have to sit through the intro all the time, or in case you aren't interested in the plot (I cannot see why, though).
- General improvement to the battle system, adding skills and interesting conditions. This still needs a lot of work, though.

I'll continue tuning in systems and battle balance, so that soon I can add a new download.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully you people are still interested in seeing this through.


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I'm going on 5 years for my project and I remember when I was in your exact position. It's never fun to be criticized or have others tell you why your work isn't good enough, but, I took everything they said to heart because the key point to game development is building the ideal game that you yourself would want to play. Then you just need to find that tricky footing in the middle ground where you meet the players expectations and your expectations half way. It's tricky but something very unique and special will come from this. So what I'm trying to say is that don't ever let anyone's negative opinions get you down or even take your work away. Learn from it and grow but never let others take your work and make it theirs. Perfect example is what Mass Effect fans have done recently.
Hang in there.
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