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"... and as such, the flow of days is swift as a river on its way to the deep waters of oceans in the shores of Hitia'a, and in that river, history is carried away. For the most part, there is nothing to cling on, and past events escape our grasp as if they were a man in peril of drowning, trying to clutch reeds to save his life. So we must strive to reach up and take a firm hold of every occurrence, every action, every word, lest we become doomed to retread the path of past mistakes and injuries..."
- Treaty of Cardon, date and author unknown.

The Codex is both Word and Body. Long ago, after Blessed Erindel graced our world with life, a few good men stood and followed her teachings faithfully and obediently. Thus, the Church of the White Lady was founded and the truth spread like wildfire in the maxims of her holy men.

In the mists of the unknown, many turns of the sun ago, Erindel in her wisdom gave Man her Law and asked only that it be followed. The first White Herald, Far-Talanien compiled in dry parchments the good word he had received and it became a document for all Mankind to follow. From that book, comes everything that is right in our Erimor; and everything that is not, will soon be righted by its words.

But even if the words come from our Goddess herself, the wicked hearts of men can harden and often refuse to listen. Only when good men, holy men act on those words, can true good blossom and flourish. And lo! The Codex was founded by Far-Talanien, comprised of good men following the blessings of Erindel.

The Codex has a defined hierarchy as follows: