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First of all, I wouldn't expect too much from this game. It is a simple project done for my Advanced Placement US History class. I thought it would be nice to release something that isn't too common in the RM Scene: board games. This game runs off of my old Odyssey Board Game Engine but is further enhanced. It was also created within a period of 16 days.
*In order to fully enjoy this game, you must have prior knowledge to US History and have friends who are willing to share the burden of playing this game

The entire gameplay is done on a single map (the board) with up to 4 people who can play. Each player will start off with a set amount of money and the object is to gain the most money in the end. You can earn money by landing on the blue () panels or answering questions correctly on the Question panel. You lose money by landing on red () panels or by answering a question incorrectly. The Local Event (!) panels will cause an event to current on the player. This includes special advantages such as riding on the train, using the item shop, or using the bank. The Global Event (E) panel triggers global events; events that will affect the entire board or all the players. This can include weather changes bank robberies or changes in interest. The game ends in 10 rounds and each round is passed when a player passes by the Global Event (E) panel.

> Sometimes a glitch occurs when you gamble at Agustin's Royal Flush. This causes you to lose money.
> Moving the camera in "View Map" too far will cause it to lag.
> The blue panel on the far left under the train station is unreachable unless you take the train from the other side.
> Robberies occur too often. This isn't a bug because my friends thought it would be funny to open banks and get them robbed easily.
All bugs will not be fixed. This project is completed and done with.

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I'll give this a spin.
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