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This is a project done as a nostalgic look-back at my young, nieve RPG Maker career. The story is based on a tale that I conceived when I was 11. The story became the first of a 13 part series, which I deemed, at the age of 12, a storytelling masterpiece. However by age 13 I learned a thing or two about stories and asked myself "Why is it called Sword of the Dawn?"

So here is an adaptation of that old story, made with decent mapping and programming, a thousand times better than the original times I tried this project. I did replace some very silly things with ideas that appeared in later parts of the series. Depending on how this goes, I may produce the sequels. But I warn you, things take a turn for the worse around Part 7.

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  • 01/09/2012 05:46 AM
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"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
But how long is each part?
You could probably beat this one in a couple hours if you plow through. There really isn't much to it. Because these stories evolved to be more like movies, there isn't a whole lor of adventure. One story is literally a civil war type thing where all the characters just beat each other up until the leader is all "stop." So sequels would probably be incredibly revamped, perhaps with side-quests and an open world sort of thing.
I can dig it.

I'm one of those dudes who actually likes I-did-this-when-I-was-thirteen-and-it-is-not-my-most-polished type stuff, though. It usually has a lot of heart.

Have you done any editing/re-writing with the script?

Also, did you write this as an independent story and then make the games, or was it always a series of games?
Downloading the game, I'll feed you on some feedback after I play.
@kumada In its first ever conception, it was an RPG, meant for RPG Toolkit. I actually used to play out this story and others in LEGOs, using whatever I had the pieces to. The character of Ron Crowns was originally Ron Weasly (Harry Potter used to join in on the final fight) and the character of Djin was Qui Gon Jinn.

There was never really an actual "script" but I did novelize this story once and turned the first two into a sort of sort, "biblical text" sort of epic poem. So I edited anything? Well the deal with the Mystics was from a later story, it replaces the part where Ron is a member of a "Rock Club" and such.

By the time I had 4, then 5, then 7, then 13 stories in the series, they were no-longer games. They were DBZ rip-offs that I deemed "great ideas for a movie." So it wasn't always a series of games, but it was always a series.
The game seems to be a classic RTP style game, which originally gave me smooth trip back to memory lane. Enjoying the game so far.
For some reason in the third puzzle from the jail with the yellow, red, green, and blue (stones) lights - it doesn't work. ???
@Dennis Thank you for bringing this to my attention. The issues has been fixed. To you and anyone who already downloaded it, please redownload the new version.
So far, not bad. On my way now to Far Geon's domain. Short and simple, but still enjoyable. To me it's sort of like what a Sample Game would have been like for RM2K3 if the editor had been released outside of Japan.

Edit: Okay, so I just beat the game, and the main bad guy went down without much of a struggle, which is my one main gripe. I expected something longer against him. Anyways, what does the New Game Plus get me, other than some high levels? Any new content?
The final battle is short so as not to risk him beating you. Because this is more of a story to me, I didn't want anything breaking tension. It would be unfortunate to die and have to sit through the amazing twist scene that precedes the boss.

New Game plus is a joke I made up at 3am. It's basically the same game with higher levels. If you go out of your house at the beginning, a man explains a new area to you. It's a small room with some music and an impossible lottery. I also think I added an item with infinite uses that heals you or something.

I'm currently busting out a quick sequel, which will be in 2k3. After that, I've just discovered VX and have been pimping it out with scripts, so the future of this series is up in the air especially since I forget most of my childhood memories about it's many parts.
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