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Sacred Reviews: Saviors of Delta - Sword of the Dawn


"Saviors of Delta: Sword of the Dawn" is hinted by Kairou to have a somewhat interesting development history on his/her summary page for the game. Apparently this project began life in his tween years as the first entry in a thirteen part epic. Of course, as a young and foolish twelve year old he/she believed his/her story was a masterpiece. An epic that made the works of William Shakespeare weep in shame at the mere of thought of them being on the same level as this epic tale of elves and aliens.

Of course, by the age of thirteen Kairou had learned more about telling stories and realized his/her masterpiece was probably a poorly written mess that only the author could love, but Kairou figured he/she might as well adapt the first of the planned thirteen episodes into a RPG Maker game. After all, you might as well adapt your early works into something others can enjoy.


On the narrative side of things this game is rather weak and these weak spots take many forms. For starters, the narrative tries to include a couple of last minute narrative twists about the playable characters being aliens and how this is the source of their powers. So your entire team is basically comprised of people with the same backstory as one of the most famous super heroes of all time. I'm of course referring to Son Goku. After all, making a reference to Superman is utterly beneath me. And I figured going for something like "Hyper Speed GranDoll" would be to obscure.

And while I can appreciate a nice surprise twist in a story every now and again. This twist feels like it comes out of nowhere and doesn't achieve anything. Admittedly we may have gotten more out of this twist if the later episodes had been adapted, but since that didn't happen this twist kind of just hangs their with it's proverbial butt just hanging out.

To make matters worse the final boss is weaker then the trash mobs you'll need to fight in order to reach him. As a result the final battle feels anti-climatic and casts shade over the entire story.


On the gameplay side of things I'd say combat in this game is pretty boring. This is because most battles boil down to spamming your best spells and hoping your MP will hold out long enough to reach the next major checkpoint. The sad part is this issue could be somewhat lessoned if the game allowed the various shop owners to sell you MP restoring potions. Unfortunately the only potions on sale in the various stores throughout the game are health potions. As such you'll find yourself hording the few MP restores you do run across for those absolutely dire situations where you'll need access to your best spells in order to survive.

Graphics & Sound

As far as I can tell the game relies on the default assets that came with the unofficial release of RPG Maker 2003. As such the game really doesn't have a unique identity but the lack of original assets may appeal to people looking for something simple to pick up and play.


I wish I could say Kairou's only game contribution to this site as far as I can tell was a decent game worthy of some praise, but the game is fairly boring because of how much time you'll have to spend on spamming your best spells in combat in order to survive.

To make matters worse the final boss going down in a single hit makes the ending of this game so anti-climatic that it basically ruins what little goodwill the game does build up. As such, I really can't recommend this game. After all, there are better games on this site that were made with the illegal version of RPG Maker 2003.