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"Celes, a woman raised from childhood as the prophesied Savior, embarks on a mission to fulfill her destiny and protect the world. But she soon finds herself at odds with a man with a mysterious investment in her mission, and learns that there may be more to her role than she bargained for..."

Eons ago, the world and all of its splendours were created by the magnificent and all-powerful being simply known as the "Creator." It wove the threads of life, and upon creating the planet of Tsufanubra, spotted it with its most cherished life-form: man.

Having gifted mankind with all of its blessing and necessities, the Creator simply watched as man forged his own path in life, and over the decades crafted himself in to a race of truly wondrous individuals numbering in the millions.

The Creator, however, grew tired of this creation, and thus gave life to three heavenly Kings to watch over and monitor the world in his stead. Overseeing their lord's creation from on-high, the Three Kings of Tsufanubra guided their people into an age of peace and prosperity for countless years to follow...

Then that fated day cameā€”the day wherein a great darkness spilled from the opposite world of Arbunafust, and threatened to dominate Tsufanubra and all who lived upon it. The efforts of this otherworldly force, however, were thwarted by the Three Kings. They gifted mankind with four divine relics, then simply waited for man to take back what had been stolen from them.

With the aid of their overseers, man was able to forcibly remove the invading force, and cast it back to whence it came.

Their purpose completed, the relics bore themselves into the earth, forever shedding their light in silence so that mankind could attain eternal peace.

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Latest Blog

There's an LP?! (And another Update!)

That's right, folks! UPRC (creator of the widely popular Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy series) has stated a "Let's Play" of Chronicles of Tsufanubra. If all of you kind folk would care to give this wonderful individual a Like and Share for his efforts, that'd be greatly appreciated!

And yes, there's been another update. Substantial? Kind of. The MP3 version of the game's now been officially made the default version you're prompted to download after clicking that big button up there in the corner. I found that the old MP3 edition was lacking a little something, so I went in and mixed things up a bit, added a few songs, tweaked a few stats, and cranked out what's now this game's DEFINITIVE EDITION!

So if you haven't downloaded CoT yet, or have been on the fence about doing so, there's never been a better time! Unless something truly game-breaking (randomly) pops up, I'm hoping to never lay my hands on this game again! I think it's time to let this baby rest.

Thanks for the continued support and all of the wonderful downloads and subscriptions you've given this game. I truly appreciate all of you amazing and wonderful people for making this project as great as it is! =D


Thanks! Glad you think so. =)
Hi. Sorry this is sudden. This just happens on RPG Maker.net and with people like me. But what I have noticed from playing this game, that you may have missed before you released Chronicles, is that some battle backs were leveled funny (in or out of PS, photoshop). I dunno how happen, but I fixed this. Maybe someone ripped funny from DQ/DW? I dunno.
But that is not the case in point, is that secondly, the battlers almost look like they are 'floating' and not grounded on the ground. If that makes sense. RPG Maker just thinks "I put picture here and that's that!" So I went and did the labor of adding shadows underneath all of the battlers! It looks so cool in game and makes things pop a bit more-a little more depth to the game. Looks like I downloaded an old version some time ago. I also did a custom system window but looks like you changed that too. Oh well. With such epic things to come in this world, what better, to make epic things even more epic. Rock on with my graphical edits in my google drive at:


Don't worry. This is free, because the game is very interesting. And such fine writing! I have done this with ONYX and people were confused, but they had no idea why. This is because I have training in the arts, and games like these deserve work, and praise, and I just want them to be....
THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Because Chronicles of Tsufanubra, is pretty good!

If slight interested, I also was doing some rewrite of in game vocab+terminology, etc to make it more dragon quest like with RPG Maker 2000 Value! In mine, I made the "knocked down" ailment last for 1 turn, bc it kinda makes more sense that a character would be literally knocked down, and can't get up, not being imagined via text. The only problem of this state/condition, is that enemies can still attack you when you're knocked down. I don't know how to get past that problem, because logic tells me, if someone is knocked down, they're just laying on the ground being useless, and then they get up after they're like "WHY YOU KNOCK ME DOWN. WHY." I guess RM2k can't make enemies attack other allies that 'aren't' knocked down, or someone knows something that I don't....