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  • Ephiam
  • 06/02/2015 02:36 PM
"What's this new game that I'm supposedly subscribed to?!" you may ask? Well, it's the new name for "Dragon Fantasy: REMADE." That's right, folks, the inevitable name change has FINALLY happened, and we've decided on "Chronicles of Tsufanubra."

The closer this project edges to completion, the more it forges its own identity that I'd like people to NOT associate with a pre-existing commercial series, or some ridiculously cliche fan-game. A lot of people recommend that I do so in the past, and once I really sat down and thought things over, it was all too clear that a new name would be in the project's best interest.

As Desertopa mentioned to me, the fans who were interested in a remake of the original are already on board and know of this project's existence, so a new and more original name will help draw in a larger crowd who may have passed it by before simply because it was called "Dragon Fantasy."

Next on my agenda is to find another title screen, as well as having Chloe edit the poster displayed on the Game Page so it includes the new name.


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What're you going to do with that awesome promotional poster then?
I'mma makin him a new one. o3ob

Or well, adjusting the old one. ahaha XD
Way ahead of you, my good sir! If you'd direct yourself back to the Game Page, you'll see the wonderfully talented Ashikai has worked her magic! =B
Yellow Magic
I'll never regain the bones I lost from my loneliness and sorrow
A good decision!!
I know! I'm loving the fact that I did it already! Even the new graphic at the top looks better. I'm glad you people talked me into making the change!
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