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Designing a Boss Monster (Giruveganus)

  • Ephiam
  • 03/14/2016 04:12 PM
So it's my day off, and I've retreated to my parents' place for some R&R (as well as to stock up on extra supplies and eat all their goodies!). While here, I thought it'd be best to utilize my time wisely and flesh out some regular enemy and boss encounters so I can hop straight to the implementation when I return to my apartment in a few days.

Here's (usually) how I whip up a quick boss encounter before putting it in my game. Mind you, more often than not it's written on paper, but since I'm utilizing mom's laptop, I thought it'd be more convenient to simply E-Mail myself whatever notes I make instead of carrying them back.


At the beginning of the fight, each head will use an AOE elemental attack against the party. First is Ice, then Fire, and finally Lightning. While one head uses their elemental breath ability, the others buff the enemy party.

The Lightning and Ice heads can be silenced.

Giruveganus Right (Ice)
Blizzard Breath(All): Medium ice-based magical damage. (Only once).
Biting (Single): Physical attack.
Ice Breath (Single): Strong ice-based magical damage with chance to inflict Stun.
INT UP (All): Raises INT of entire party.
Cold Stare (All): Small chance to inflict Stun.
(With Low HP) 100 Fangs (Single): Low accuracy attempt to deal exactly 100 Damage.
(When alone) Absolute Zero (All): Medium ice-based magical damage with chance to inflict Silence.

When alone, the Ice Head switches modes where it restores 1000 HP on its first turn, then dedicates two turns to using Blizzard Breath. It'll then use a stronger Cold Stare, and gain the use of an amplified Ice Breath that can now Silence a target. Every 5th turn when alone, it'll use Absolute Zero.

Giruveganus Center (Lightning)
Storm Breath (All): Medium lightning-based magical damage (Only once).
Biting (Single): Physical attack.
Lightning Breath (Single): Strong lightning-based magical damage with chance to inflict Stop.
AGL UP (All): Raise AGL of entire party.
Electrocution (Single): Small chance to inflict Death.
Stop (Single): Medium chance to finlict Stop.
(When alone) Head Flail (All): Strong physical-based damage.
(When alone) Standstill (All): Medium chance to finlict Stop.

When alone, the Lightning Head switches modes where it increases all of its stats and restores 500 HP, then dedicates two turns to using Storm Breath. Unlike the Fire and Ice heads, when its helpers are defeated, the Lightning Head loses the ability to inflict Stop with Lightning Breath and instead gains a higher damage output.

The Lightning Head also has a fixed pattern after using Storm Breath twice. Its pattern is:

Standstill -> Lightning Breath -> Electrocution -> Head Flail -> Electrocution -> Lighting Breath -> Biting -> Head Flail -> Repeat.

Giruveganus Left (Fire)
Scorching Breath (All): Medium fire-based magical damage (Only once).
Biting (Single): Physical attack.
Fiery Breath (Single): Strong fire-based magical damage with chance to inflict Burning.
ATK UP (All): Raise ATK of entire party.
Burning Hatred (Single): Medium chance to inflict Berserk.
Flames of Purity (All): Removes status ailments.
Ember (All): Light fire-based magical damage with chance to inflict Burning.
(When alone) Supernova (Single): Extrmely powerful fire-based magical damage.
(When alone) Blazing Vortex (all): Medium fire-based magical damage that lowers ATK.
(When alone) Burning Hatred Delux (all): Medium chance to inflict Berserk and lowers DEF.
(When alone) Aura of Weakness (all): Lowers resistance to fire.

When alone, the Fire Head acts a little differently than the others. Instead of dual-casting Scorching Breath, it starts with Aura of Weakness and then uses Burning Hatred Delux, followed by Blazing Vortex. Every fifth turn after being left alone, it'll execute a suped-up Flames of Purity that'll not only remove any ailments it has, but also restore 300 HP. Supernova is also substituted for Fiery Breath, and the ability to cast Scorching Breath is lost.

Aside from its initial usage of Aura of Weakness, the Fire Head won't utilize that ability.

During the bulk of the boss fight when all three heads are alive, the Fire Head will cast Flames of Purity every fifth turn. It is also the only head immune to Silence.


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I'd probably take out the lightning head first due to having dangerous control abilities with Stop and Death, then the fire head because of how powerful its attacks become when it's the only head left. The ice head seems to be the least dangerous of the three. Though if you counted the HP damage, you could weaken the fire head before taking out the ice head, since it doesn't heal up after the others are down.
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