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Version 1.6 (Another so soon?!)

  • Ephiam
  • 08/09/2018 09:32 PM
That's right! ANOTHER update.

This is a relatively minor one, and only concerns the late/end-game content. If you're positive you won't be concerning yourself with tackling the optional bosses, then you probably shouldn't go out of your way to download the game again.

-Completely overhauled the super bosses. While watching Aurabolt's stream, I noticed that CoT's superbosses aren't, well... super! They may pose a slight challenge to someone who's not quite on-point with their equipment management, but that's not what I was aiming for.

-The Shadows of Jadice, Olivia, and Faulmah, as well as Hades have all been given substantial boosts to their damage output. Some of their stats have also been altered, along with a select few of their skills and general attack pattern.

-In the game's Database, I altered the way the "Elements" work. Instead of the "E" ranking having a 0% damage modifier, it now has 10% (for every element). This way, if an enemy/character is resistant to an element, they won't outright completely resist the element and take 0 damage (or cause the game to say the attack missed).

-Instead of being classified as every element (Fire, Ice, and Lightning), the "Destruction Wave" spell is now non-elemental. A select few bosses and enemies utilized the old version of the spell, but that's been corrected so now they cast the non-elemental version.

-The SUPER (and hardest, in theory) boss, Genocidia, has been completely overhauled. From its stats right down to its attack pattern. It should definitely pose a serious challenge for even the most well-prepared players now!

-As a result of the super bosses being altered, the (hidden) and "super" version of the final boss also got a makeover in terms of what skills it uses and when. After conquering Genocidia, there's no way a player would have had any trouble against the previous "updated" version of final boss.

-Some end-game enemies have had their skill sets tweaked a tad. I discovered that, despite there being a decent variety of instant-death protection in the game, there might have only been a handful of enemies that utilized that type of ability?