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Anything Else? A Question for the fans/players.

  • Ephiam
  • 08/10/2018 02:08 AM
This is a question aimed at all of you CoT fans and players out there: is there anything else you'd be interested in seeing? Any ideas you'd like to pitch that may be of interest to us developers? More bosses, areas, equipment, or specific game modes? Throw in all of your ideas and maybe (just maybe) we can make miracles happen!

Just a little experiment to see if there's any continued interest regarding potentially new content in the future.


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"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irreedeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
I'm starting a new chapter in my life, so if you need someone to map some new areas, I'm your man.
Great news! But no interest, apparently?! Maybe everyone has seen enough of this game! =P
Most people prefer a completely new game to new content for an old game. ;)
New game+ ? Boss Rush? Guest Boss from a one of your other games or a series you're fond of? Arena? Casino/Mini-game area? not that I necessarily want or expect all of these mind you; this is just the typical things that come to mind when I think of optional and/or extra jrpg content that I like.
Yes.I agree with alot of people.This game is so good as it is now.
Make a new game with new bosses and areas.That´whar we are waitng for.
Gonna play this gem again and may be some idea comes up.

In this game , maybe be able to go in to the stores are the only that hits me right know.
It``s a near perfect game that has the feel thatnot many com,es close:taht feel lika a actually real game.

Let the next game be even better.Longer , more bosses.Equipment was fine in this game(really big variety and they was interestnng) let them and everything else be if possible even better in next game.
I can`t help you with much but is it somethin just let me know.I know it`s a big task.
EDIT:i saw other commentary closer,maybe arena if it fits.Maybe new game+ with som new bosses and content.That was what your question was about.
More importantly, did you ever change that title screen so it doesn't say "Dragon Fantasy Remade" anymore? :P
More importantly, did you ever change that title screen so it doesn't say "Dragon Fantasy Remade" anymore? :P

Ha, I forgot about that... if would be nice if This image was the title screen instead.
So basically everyone wants a new game. Of ALL THE THINGS...!

Hopefully we can make that happen eventually! Soon? Probably not. But eventually? Yes!

Also... I think that is probably the only major issue I've yet to address (in regards to the title screen). I'm certain I attempted to alter that poster and make it into a proper Title Screen at some point, but it never really worked out for me? It'd be so much easier to make it fit if I was using a newer RPG Maker.
More importantly, did you ever change that title screen so it doesn't say "Dragon Fantasy Remade" anymore? :P

Yes, this.
And probably a sequel.

(And I would like to finish my review. You provided me with a free copy after all. No worries I will get there)
Are you, sure, Cap? Are you SUUUUUURE? =P

Also, I had to make another small adjustment to the download. Turns out the super-optional boss in the final dungeon was made TOO super! Surprise! That's what I get for not really test-playing stuff, I guess. Oh well. =X
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