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  • WreckShoptimus
  • Added: 01/23/2012 05:48 PM
  • Last updated: 06/18/2018 01:50 AM


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The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
You need to work on your interior maps. Maps like this are needlessly large, and they tend to create bareness that pretty much looks unrealistic and boring.

Also, in relation to the size of the characters, that bar table is at least a single wall high. It's way too large. There is a table graphic included in the RTP which you can use that looks way better.
appreciate the feedback ill keep it in mind
Your comments almost seem hypocritical after looking at your games and their quality. The fact that you are trolling all over my images and posting things you dont like about them kinda upsets me.
but if you wana team up and help me out that would be much appreciated
The Curse of Frank Black
haha That's quite a mood shift. Thanks > Asshole > Let's team up. There's an edit button for your posts if you have further comments to make on the same subject.

You should be thankful someone took the time to look at and comment on all your images. A person doesn't have to make the best maps ever to have legitimate complaints about your maps.
#$%# YOU! just kidding haha. Im just frustrated because i put alot of time into the game and dont care for hearing 4 complaints from one person. My bad i am usually good at taking criticism. I just read these comments early in the morning and was angry. After a couple of cups of coffee 10 min later i apologized

i would much rather get feedback about my actual game and not the pics i posted of it.

The Curse of Frank Black

Well, the presentation of your game is just as important as any other aspect. If it doesn't look good, someone might not want to play it in the first place. Giving feedback on screens is easy, it takes about a minute. Playing your game is something that same person might not have time to do. Some people have been playing RM games for so long that they don't want to waste their time with any game other than one that is guaranteed to be awesome all around. That starts by having good looking screens to show your talent.

He just spoke of some the negative things about the map, it's actually a decent map. Not spectacular, but not crap. And it's a legitimate complaint, that bar does look too high. If you were to fix it then he'd have nothing to complain about anymore.

I wouldn't say the room is terribly open spaced, you did an ok job filling it up. If you go too far the other way someone might come along and say it's cluttered. You don't have to listen to everything said and fix it, at least consider it. If someone is mentioning it, it might be a problem.

Is that the entire map? I see no walls on the left/right sides. I think you should leave some space on those tables, especially since it's multiple copies of the same tile. Those cabinets along the top wall, try mixing up the order. It's red single, a double, other single, red single, a double, other single. I tend to notice stuff like that. If it's too systematic and symmetrical, it feels unnatural.

This is a functional map. I'm sure it suits the needs of the game. If you want to have something mind-blowingly awesome you have to think outside the box and be creative with the layout. There's a good point in this tutorial - http://rpgmaker.net/tutorials/620/. About halfway down, under the heading of "Tips and tricks:" is a perfect example of a way to make this room instantly more attractive and unique.

*Also, when you respond negatively to any comment it makes you look bad and things will only get worse. Stay positive and others will respond in kind.
Cool thanks for the link. Like i said i dont usually snap at people. I actually wanted to delete the comment but it was to late. You both made some really good points and i have taken them into consideration. I appreciate feedback whether its good or bad and i will use yall's to fix my maps. thanks again :)
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