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Touhou Fantasy Let's Play #34: Start of Beta4, Misty Lake Revisited

  • Xenomic
  • 08/08/2013 11:25 PM

In this episode, we begin beta4 and head towards the Misty Lake which is now Misty! But why is it Misty!? And yes, you are forced to use both Cirno and Komachi for this area. If you bring along Nitori as well, for the boss you'll be forced to use Yuuka, so keep that in mind!


Water Beast: Another upgrade for the Snow and Flame Beasts, except Water elemental. It's midly powerful as it has access to Tsunami and Aqua Toxin, but not too dangerous. They tend to come in groups.

Sea Flower: This enemy loves to come in groups of itself, and all it uses are status-inducing magic and the Cure-series of spells. It's not difficult to defeat, but annoying to fight.

Water Orb: It may not SEEM dangerous, especially if one brings Nitori and Yuuka who absorbs/is resistant to Water-elementl attacks, for others it can pose a problem. It only has 3 attacks, being Water, Watera, and Waterga, and while Water is weak and Watera is midly powerful, Waterga will likely kill someone.

Water Dragon: The Notorious Monster for Misty Lake, and a dangerous one at that. Anyone playing through here will probably not see this enemy as it's rare and Misty Lake in itself isn't very long, but be wary if you do run into it. Not only can it inflict high damage, but can also inflict Freeze and Sleep on the entire party. In addition, it has access to the Meteor spell and will use it liberally.


Adrammalech: Fought at Kourindou, and the first boss of beta4. Uses mostly Thunder-elemental attacks, including Thunderbolt, Flash Arc, and Judgment Bolt, but can also use Bio and Curaga as well. In addition, it can reduce the party's Thunder-elemental resistance using Flash Arc, making him much more dangerous. Bringing along Flash Hats and using Nitori's Thunder Armor Elemental Bless will help with dealing with him.

Kraken: The boss of Misty Lake. Fights pretty much like at Road of Reconsideration, but can also use Thundaga on the entire party, hit one character for 3000 Fire-elemental damage and Heat with Mustard Bomb, or attempt to kill off the party with Level 5 Death.