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Touhou Fantasy Let's Play Episode #42: Trouble at Youkai Mountain 2nd Part

  • Xenomic
  • 08/16/2013 10:16 PM

In this episode, we dive into the Kappa Caves, where we run into nasty bugs and random bears, and seek out what Suwako wanted us to find out!


Black Arachnid: Not a very dangerous foe as it'll only use Attack and Poison Mist. Can easily be disposed of with low-level skills if necessary.

Mountain Bear: A simple, yet powerful, foe that only uses regular attacks.

Garuda: The Notorious Monster of the area, and a dangerous one at that. Has low HP and Defense, but comes with powerful attacks, including Firaga, Aerial Slash, Stop, and Maelstrom. Will only show up alone or in pairs.


Chaos Spider: Normally would be harder for a party not this party, as this boss likes to toss around statuses everywhere, including Petrify, Venom, and Slow, and will also occasionally use Graviga. Since this is the Goddess Team, the boss isn't as dangerous as it could be. It will always start the battle with a Back Attack though.

Kanako Yasaka: Finally, the true first showdown with Kanako. She'll use pretty much all of her skills that she had as a playable character, and when she gets to about 1/2 to 3/4 HP, she'll change forms and a couple more moves to her arsenal, including Red Mouth Mishaguji. As long as you have Potion Berries on hand, Kanako should not pose too much of a threat outside of Source of Rains and Falling Onbashira.

Tenshi Hinanawi: This battle must be fought with only Momiji and Aya, so prepare them accordingly! Since Aya is immune to Earth-elemental attacks, have her be in the front row while Momiji is in the back row, and have Momiji be the healer while Aya goes full-force on Tenshi. The fight should not be difficult otherwise.

Ozma: This battle must be fought wtih using Momiji, Aya, Byakuren, and Tenshi. Ozma is weak to both Wind and Holy, so everyone excluding Tenshi can hit its weakness easily, while Tenshi should spam Scarlet Weather Rhapsody if possible, or heal the others of status effects. Ozma tends to attack using Curse, Doomsday, Flare, Death, Holy, Level 5 Death, Meteor, and Flare Star, so be wary of those. It can also use Curaaga and Berserk, though those should be negligible