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Touhou Fantasy Let's Play Episode #51: Cave to Makai 2nd Part

  • Xenomic
  • 08/26/2013 09:11 PM

In this episode, we face off against the original gatekeeper of Makai, Shingyoku! And I...die. Because this game hates me! Oi vey...


Cleansed Mirror (Marisa): True to the Cleansed Mirrors from Road of Reconsideration, this one has 5000 HP and uses several of Marisa's powerful attacks. She has a wide array of items to steal, so try to steal from her!

Cleansed Mirror (Remilia): Mighty powerful and quick as you'd expect from Remilia, but just like with Remilia, she can only really hit one character at a time. Holy-elemental attacks are the way to go!

Cleansed Mirror (Yuuka): Powerful, but slow. She's not too much of a problem, but she does have a new scroll for Yuuka to steal!


Alice Margatroid, Shanghai, Hourai, Shanghai Doll, Spear Doll, Fencer Doll, Tenshi Hinanawi: Just keep healed up and Defend as you cannot win this fight. Simple as that! Reason? Because you don't get healed between boss fights this time around.

Shingyoku: Shingyoku is a pretty nasty fight, and since Mokou's not around, you don't have someone to absorb all of the Fire-elemental attacks Shingyoku can toss around. Of note, Nova Storm can reduce any character's HP to 1 AND is a spell that Koish can learn. Shingyoku also carries Death, Deathga, Gravira, and Aurora Flash for extra insult to injury.