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Touhou Fantasy Let's Play Episode #53: Cave to Makai 4th Part

  • Xenomic
  • 08/28/2013 08:27 PM

In this episode, we tackle the Hard path and try not to get mauled by a vampire magician person! Still got 2 more paths to go.


Elis: Elis is probably one of the more dangerous and tricky bosses, simply because you will WANT to bring someone who can nullify or absorb Shadow damage, otherwise it'll become quite difficult to survive Dark Matter if she decides to use it, as she uses it without warning. In addition, she also likes to use high-end spells such as Flood, Scathe, Comet, and Quakera, so bringing someone like Aya, Yuuka, or Meiling may be detrimental to the fight. Patchouli can be useful if she has elemental resistance gear on against Water, Earth, Fire, and Shadow. Also keep in mind that Elis has access to Drain, Drainra, and more importantly, Big Bang. The fight's a tough one, but completely doable even with a level 15 party, assuming you use a lot of equipment that increases speed. You can steal a Devil Scroll Lv2 for Byakuren if you so choose.