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Touhou Fantasy Let's Play Episode #54: Cave to Makai 5th Part

  • Xenomic
  • 08/29/2013 08:35 PM

In this episode, we tackle the Normal path, where we come upon another Makai gatekeeper! And we get a bit MORE story. This place is boss battle and story haven.


Sara: Sara is quick and physically powerful. If you don't keep up with speed equipment, she can easily outrun and murder the party. Giving Momiji or Meiling the Ribbon helmet and then having them use Provoke + Sentinel to draw Sara's attention can be most beneficial. Of note, Sara is one of few bosses who is WEAK to every status in the game, up to and including Instant Death. So...who better to bring than Komachi to play around with her?

Rikako: Rikako is a pretty mean fight, as she can inflict a variety of status effects as well as has access to various elemental spells, and she can also kill anyone while draining all of their HP. If one has not done so yet, bring Marisa and steal the Call Shop item from her, as there's a 50% chance to get it in this fight!