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Touhou Fantasy Let's Play Episode #57: Pandaemonium 1st Part

  • Xenomic
  • 09/08/2013 08:59 PM

In this video, we take some well deserved R&R! I should show off the overworld enemies more, as that's where some of the balance issues may arise from, but ah well...anyone testing the game that far will be able to let me know if it's too much or not I suppose. Also yes, you must talk to everyone in order to progress the game. Due to bad teleport events, I forgot to talk to Komachi again, so I had to do that near the end of the video. Remember kids! If you fix maps, make sure that your events are fixed too!

For this video's enemies, we'll talk about the overworld enemies found in Makai!


Makai Eye: A giant eyeball that likes to inflict Petrify and Confusion, as well as use the Comet spell. Kinda dangerous but easy to defeat as it's weak to physicals, particularly Pierce attacks. Shadow is a no-go on it however. If, for whatever reason, the player hasn't gotten it yet, one can steal the Cleaning Scroll Lv1 from it.

Hell Vine: This guy is the main one that I'm worried about being unbalanced. All of its attacks are Poison-elemental attacks, and some are AoE versions of the single target versions at that (well, only Bioga but...). And it does have access to all 3 levels of the Bio spell, making it potentially lethal (unless one brings Yuuka I guess since she's immune to Poison?? At this point in the game, Yuuka is really, REALLY good if set up right).

Oni: Onis are more physically powerful than their counterparts, which will be spoken of in the next part, but don't cut them short! They can still use some magic, particularly status spells and Cura. They can inflict Deprotect and Instant Death, so be wary of them!

Oni Mage: True to their name, these guys are magically-inclined, having access to high-level spells such as Flare, Freeze, Tornado, and Healaga. They are weaker to physical attacks than the Onis, so keep this in mind!

Soul Orb: Much like other orb enemies, these guys uses Reimu moves. However, they only use 2 as opposed to the other orbs, mainly being Spiritual Orb and Enigmatic Pearl. As long as nobody is weak to Holy and/or Magic, they shouldn't pose too much of a problem.

Corrupted Soul: Heavy status-inflicting users, as well as having access to the Drain spell. They shouldn't be too much of a problem as most of their spells are single-target though.

Fire Dragon: Only fought in the easternmost part of Makai. These guys are pretty powerful, having access to strong Fire-elemental attacks such as Flare Tornado and Hellfire, as well as the dangerous Nova Storm spell. Stealing from them can yield a chance to win the Orichalcum though!

Ice Dragon: Only fought in the easternmost part of Makai. Much like the Fire Dragon, these guys uses powerful Ice-elemental attacks and like to inflict the Freeze status quite often. Depleted Uranium can be stolen from them.

Thunder Dragon: Only fought in the easternmost part of Makai. Same dealio as the other elemental dragons, but has far less skills than them. If one wishes, they can try to steal Glass Shoes from these guys.

Holy Dragon: Only fought in the easternmost part of Makai. Holy Dragons are far more dangerous than the other elemental dragons if only for the simple fact that they constantly attack everyone and can heal for a crapton of HP.

Nightbane: Usually comes in groups of three or six, but are limited to regular attacks, escaping, or Self-Destructing. Should not be difficult to defeat.