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Touhou Fantasy Let's Play Episode #58: Pandaemonium 2nd Part

  • Xenomic
  • 09/09/2013 08:49 PM

In this episode, Pandaemonium is under siege by an army of dolls! Who could be the mastermind behind this attack!? Of note, this area is also 100% tested, so things may change later...


Shanghai/Fencer Doll/Spear Doll: These guys are literally the exact same enemies fought in Poltergeist Mansion, same attacks and all, just different stats.

Goliath Doll: Technically a mini-boss, one that is very draining on resources. It has only one attack, Cross Cutter, which will deal 9999 damage to one target. That's it...oh, and it has 25,000 HP. So yeah, it's best to avoid these guys, though the way the area is set up, sometimes it's really hard to...may need to fix that later if people deem it too much.


Alice Margatroid/True Shanghai/Hourai: Fought alongside the Shanghai/Fencer Doll/Spear Doll. True Shanghai and Hourai actually attack in this fight unlike last time, and while True Shanghai isn't too terribly dangerous, Hourai is a whole another story. Hanged Hourai Dolls WILL be the bane of your existence in this fight, so you may want to take Hourai out first. As for Alice, most of the time she'll just sit there and not attack, but when she DOES attack, it'll hurt. A lot. Not only does she retain her moves from the other fights, but she also comes with Artful Sacrifice (blows up a doll for 500 damage to the party), Return Animate, Devilry Light Ray, and can use Resurrection to revive all dead allies, if she's alone. Your goal here is to kill all but one of the dolls, then hammer away at Alice. The best doll to leave around is probably the Fencer Doll, as it's the least dangerous of the group.

Yamame Kurodani/Medicine Melancholy: Literally no change for them from the last time fought separately with Remilia, except with an addition of a desperation move. Keep in mind, you don't get healed between these two boss fights, so if you're really hurting by the time you get to this fight, you may be in trouble.

Rikako Asakura: This is a fight that you shouldn't really lose at all, as you come with infinite MP and a good healing ability. Abuse the infinite MP and go to town, or experiment with some of the abilities if you see fit!


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Oh yes yes, can't forget that, now can we~ Too bad I didn't think of having a Cirno special or something for TF. Oh well~ ;__;
Just play some Touhou games, watch some Touhou videos, and make sure Cirno is in them.
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