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Touhou Fantasy Let's Play Episode #60: Hollowed Caverns Demo Tour

  • Xenomic
  • 09/11/2013 08:14 PM

In this episode, I give a slight tour of the last dungeon I was working on! No, this dungeon isn't fully done yet at all, as there's tileset errors and balancing issues to be had on enemies and whatnot. So that's how it is...


Blue Mimic: Focuses primarily on magic-based attacks, while having low Defense and Attack. Uses a wide variety of elemental spells.

Red Mimic: Focuses only on regular attacks, as it's in Auto-Berserk which cannot be dispelled. Has insanely high Attack power and Speed, making it highly dangerous to deal with. Is not resistant to a lot of statuses.

Gold Mimic: Focuses primarily on status attacks, as well as possessing the best defenses of the three Mimics. Is mainly there to wear down the party's resources.


Tenshi Hinanawi/Medicine Melancholy/Yamame Kurodani: Medicine and Yamame are unchanged from their fight in Pandaemonium, while Tenshi is unchanged from her last encounter as well. They just have different stats is all, and it's possible to fight one of them, a combination of two of them, or all three of them at once. Or none, depending on the RNG.

I will not disclose other bosses until further notice! This will be the final video until I get more done on the game itself.