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Updated Beta1 Maps!

  • Xenomic
  • 05/27/2014 10:38 PM

Video showcasing several of the newly updated areas for version 1.119. The following area all of the new areas (not all are shown in the video, just the beta1 maps that were in desperate need of updates):

Beta1 Maps:

Hakurei Shrine
Hakurei Shrine Ruins (not shown in video)
Misty Lake
Scarlet Devil Mansion
Forest of Magic (not shown in video)
Bamboo Forest (not shown in video)
Eientei 1st visit

Beta2 Maps:

Winter Forest
Hakugyokurou - Yojana Gardens

Beta3 Maps:

Road of Reconsideration
Remains of Hell (excluding Ancient City/Chireiden/Blazing Fires of Hell)
Poltergeist Mansion

Beta4 Maps:

Insect Forest

Maps that still need updated at a later date:

Human Village (both normal and ruins)
Myouren Temple
Eastern Forest
Cave to Makai
Hakugyokurou - Main area
Youkai Mountain
Court of Hell
Ancient City
Blazing Fires of Hell
Icicle Caves
Eientei 2nd Visit


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These maps look AMAZING! SOOOOOO much better then the old ones.
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