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The game is not dead. Just on a break XD

I haven't updates this project for ages...
So what has happend to it?
Well I'm currently working on a few smaller titles with my team.
One being Bifrost. And another smaller one...
For what reason?
Well Dragunbane is huge... And then I mean really huge...

So it would takes ages for us to finish it on our own.
So until we have a few other games under our belt Dragunbane is on the shelf.
But not dead.
This is how far Dragunbane was into development before we took a break from it :)
Still this was over a year ago... So even I've improved as an artist.
So when we return to work on it again I believe it will be even better than before^^

Progress Report

More work in progress...

Well time to show once again that I'm not dead... Trying to do a update once a week at least.
So what is this? This is a very early map sketch.
Just to show how I make the maps for this game. I draw them... YES! I freaking drawn them... Haha... (Shoot me please!) J/K
I love to draw and to write so to see the world slowly coming to life is so much fun!
So what have I done the latest days?
1. Write more Lore
2. Draw maps
3. Write game mechanics
Will update soon again! Seeya!

Progress Report

Update again

So another update from me (whoa!)
Well I'have been creating the capital of the first kingdom of the game.
Using these tools
Maya + Photoshop

The game is not in 3d of course but I'm using maya to lift some work for me.
I'm creating the buildings and some basic landscape in maya since I can rotate 360 degrees and therefor get a map exactly as I want it without having to paint the outline for every single house...
Still I'm not really using rendered images. This is when Photoshop kicks in...
After finishing a map In maya with the basic lighting I want + some simple colour texture I import the image to Photoshop.
In photoshop I then pain on the image giving it the digital painting look instead of the 3d rended image. And add some addition details.

Well that's it for me!
Will give you more updates and screenshots soon!

Progress Report

Death tired...

Work, work and what's that? More work!
Gah! Sometimes it feels like my head is going to blast with all the work I still have to do... Sigh...
Not that I mind; I really love to do what I do but I feel still a little depressed sometimes since I make everything from scratch means a longer time before anyone can experience the game... Sigh...
Today what have I done...

- detail draw the world map ( realizing that the world is freaking huge! Uh, poor me.. haha...)
- Draw some basic things that can be reused, such as trees, flowers etc.
- some maps outline
- npc dialouges ( Yes, Npc. I want them to say more than 1 line... Haha)

Progress Report

News after a loooong time.

So people maybe wonder if I have stopped to work on this project...
The answer is simply 'no.'
I have been working really hard on this project even though I havent updated for a
long time. So anyway let's get it on a little shall we?
What has been going on...

- 2 programmers joined the team.
- We are building an engine from scratch using XNA
the engine should have by the end have the possibility to run
1280 * 800 resolution as that is the standard we have set now.
Making it pixelbased instead of tile so we can choose by the pixel where we want an event to be.
Particle system.
Battle system like Western Rpgs think dungeon siege 2 mix with sacred 1 but in 2D.

So even though it takes longer for us to get anywhere I hope you guys still will wait for it! Seeya!
Will upload some new screenshoots soon.

Progress Report

Wow I actually finally added the project.

I am suprised that I finally managed to add this project...
Me and my team have been working on it since early summer 2011...
We aiming to realese it to summer 2012 so please support us!
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