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The game is not dead. Just on a break XD

  • ellenor
  • 11/10/2013 12:43 PM
I haven't updates this project for ages...
So what has happend to it?
Well I'm currently working on a few smaller titles with my team.
One being Bifrost. And another smaller one...
For what reason?
Well Dragunbane is huge... And then I mean really huge...

So it would takes ages for us to finish it on our own.
So until we have a few other games under our belt Dragunbane is on the shelf.
But not dead.
This is how far Dragunbane was into development before we took a break from it :)
Still this was over a year ago... So even I've improved as an artist.
So when we return to work on it again I believe it will be even better than before^^


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wow. just found this looking at the latest blogs. definitely gotta keep up with this, subbed.
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