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== Series Description ==

"Saga Crusade" is an episodic series of games based on the rise, evolution, revolution and resolve of the world of Madime, viewed through the eyes of different characters of different eras in the world's existence. A world of legends, fantasy, science fiction, modern life and ancient magic. Although that being the great scheme of the series, each individual game is broken down within it's own pace and atmosphere, categorized by volumes and chapters. Most games are aimed to be played under eight hours.

:: Game Description ::

Saga Crusade: The Harpy Queen


"Not too long ago, a great red comet passed close to the world of Madime. So near was it's encounter with the world, that several pieces of it's bright fiery tail fell from the heavens onto the surface of the world... Nobody would have a clue of what... changes that was to bring to the once ordinary world.

The core of the fallen pieces of the heavenly body contained an unknown energy to Medimeans. The "Magical" Energy, as they so cautiously called it,
began a drastic transformation between several types of flora and fauna. Animals began morphing into monsters and tiny plants began to transform into dangerous forests. The transformation went so far as to bring back to life fossils of beasts of old, and restore long forgotten green life.

However the most stunning consequence of all this Magic, was when several species of fauna "evolved" into sentient beings with a human-like appearance. These "Hybrids" began roaming the world like lost children, some with memories of their animals lives, others with no knowledge of what was transversing in the world. These changes brought upon a once generally docile world, a hostil diversity. But it wasn't like that at first... only the special cases...

Latest Blog

Why this game is on hiatus, and why was it submitted,

First and foremost... I thought about this game since the first time I came across RPG Maker, under another game name, through another design direction. Back in 2009 I began to seriously develop a game; that game was Mirror (my other game on this site). As I started it off I couldn't help myself to get excited and began a re-write of what was to be Saga Crusade. I stop the developing for Mirror, and focused on starting SC (Saga Crusade) as an episodic series instead of a game as a whole. I wanted to do it on RPG2003 because of the retro feel, and because I do believe that making a game without higher aesthetics that envelopes people, proves that not all games require nice graphics to be liked, or loved. I started event coding, designing, and working on a first entry for a very few weeks. Then I simply stopped. My personal job picked up and couldn't get back at it. Months passed, and I found it easier to go back to Mirror than SC. And that's that.

It's on "Hiatus" simply because of time (balancing my job, life and one game already has me on a tight time frame) and since I have spent so much time away from RPGM2k3, I've lost a lot of experience event coding. For some reason i find it more difficult to memorize 2k3 event stuff than dealing with the wonderful user-scripts and VX eventing.

Why did I submit the game then? Like Mirror, I actually worked way too much on this game, design and writing-wise. With 15+ fully developed characters with their art, and 30+ characters on paper, I think it's way too much effort to have this cancelled. I want to one day continue this, and enjoy it. And I actually have a working (kinda) tech-demo. Which I'll release shortly after I edit some images out, and add my designs so it doesn't look like it's all rip-lore.

I got positive feedback on the tech-demo in a small community back in 2010, but I'd like to see what this community would like to state. It'll keep my dreams of coming back to this alive.

Thank you all for reading and understanding, I will update the game with the tech demo when i have it ready. In the mean time I'll add a video showing when i was testing out my CMS.

I'll add other info about the game later as well.
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I like the look of this, take it off Hiatus and give us some more updates. :)
The screenshots look really interesting.

Subscribed, and hoping you can get a demo out soon.
This looks really cool, will there ever be a download?
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