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Sage Crusade CMS\SABS test

  • Methera
  • 01/17/2012 06:08 PM

Alright this is just for shows, and this test video has a beta that's old as my nail fungus.

Anyway, in this system what I incorporated was a special item equip system called Cors and Gears. System allows you have alchemy, but that's a whole different thing. What I show here is:

-Just the basic custom menu, and it's sounds/looks.
-The Cors & Gears menu, which where items are held and shown as you progress in the game.
-Functionality of the counters for the menu (money, diamonds and medals)
-Functionality of the party status view, which shows the face of the party member, and it's hp and mp thru pictures based on percentages. Also on the HUD on game the red ball signifies one party member.
-Functionality of the Core selection and equiping, and how it shows and orders itself
- Some basic SABS (Semi-Adventure Batle System) functionality. (sounds, item pop up, enemy follow to a point)
- HUD functionality - Red circular EXP bar, item name pop up, information pop up and other crap)

There was an error on this beta and it's that the level thing kept popping up after you went to new maps but thaqt was later fixed with a variable counter.

All the coding was made by me and yes it took me like 2 weeks to actually get the coding right, A finished and more polished version of this is in a game I am currently making with the rpg maker 2003 engine .