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This game is a tribute to the old school program RPG Maker 2000 that I used to live off of back in the day.

https://app.box.com/s/39b5a2b5219b0d9b310e THIS PATCH WORKS GREAT!


In this quest you play as a Dark Elf named Dagree. He's a simple treasure hunter who is normally feared by humans. For some reason, the citizens of Vitality Island aren't scared of him except for the naughty Royal Family. Along the way you can make choices in the game that determine what side character you'll end up with.

The story itself is easy to follow and doesn't really need to be serious.
Most of the characters that you talk to probably rode on the short bus.

Notes for the adventure; Other main characters come into the play as well. If you join up with the wizard he'll have his own problems that come into light during the quest for you. If you kill the wizard you get a thief to replace the loss. If you don't talk to everyone, future quests won't become available and you'll miss out on items, weapons, or hidden bosses. There are also abilities that your characters can learn (pushing stones, raiding houses). I'm going to guess that the game time runs at about 10 hours long or so.

Even though I'm working on Epic Elf 2, I had to return to this project simply because I enjoy playing around with it. I think that it's finally time to move on. If you enjoyed Epic Elf, this version will entertain you as well!
I fixed up the story, added more mini quests, enemies, jokes, bosses, blood, creepy stuff and secret items. Enjoy! Dagree gets a happy ending in this one!

Latest Blog

So the "Fixed Version" of Epic Elf is done!

I just submitted the (hopefully) final version of Epic Elf.
So, it's a little easier and a few extra things were added, like a side quest in Limbo and an extra cut scene with Daploma. You will be able to use your old save file incase you were wondering.
So I hope that helps those who had a hard time with the game, and if there are still minor glitches . . . . damn it!


No pointers? Anything? I was trying to up my "SMARTS" with the Yellow Gem and bought at least 99 Bomb Scrolls, Plenty of Cure 2 Scrolls, Cure 3 Scrolls, Detox Scrolls, and a couple of Mega Scrolls because they're goddamned expensive. Jesus. I was using Bomb Scrolls against the King and Queen whilst upping my smarts with the Yellow Gem, having people revive and cure with the Cure 3's since there's no MULTI CURE SPELL - Why??? When I get to the BIO WEAPON, I guard first since it kinda looks like there's an "every other turn" thing going on with his 400 HP Blowing up skill I can barely even survive even after maybe four turns against the BIO WEAPON, and this is at roughly level 42 which I did normally.

I don't know if you would consider this a "game bug" - but in the Sacred Temple, where the hell are the two keys for the other chests?? This made not a lot of sense to me because I looked everywhere around the temple and in the stormy village but not a darn thing. I didn't really know what to do about that and they ended up being Life Boxes. Overpowered is saying much for the Bio Weapon and I can't even imagine what Daploma X is going to be like. I like this game a lot but the end of this game is kicking my ass like a four year old trying to draw a picture of Dagree for money. Lol
The end of this game is total bullshit and I have no idea how to grind when I have cleared every area. How do you beat the Royal Family and the rest of the bosses? It's impossible, really.

It's been a couple of months now and I still can't even do this. WHY SPONGEBOB. I'M VERY FRUSTRATED. >:(

Even by making the party level up at 50 I can't even get anywhere with the Bio Weapon!!
Hey JosephSeraph,

Were you able to get this to work?
I tried this out on my Computer running Windows 7 and was able to get the past the title screen:

I also have the font fix available. I could look into this tomorrow if you want - I just need someone to troubleshoot these compatibility issues with. But yeah, it'd be cool to add this to the archive.

it'd be cool if the game were unencrypted so we could update it to the currentmost rm2k version for compatibility and better playback, also the link to the font fix is dead and i have no idea how to font fix an encrypted rm2k game

encrypting games that are mostly rtp really just serves to guarantee your game will eventually become incompatible and unrecoverable anyway
how do you kill the troll person I've been trying for 10 mins.
If I remember (which I don't) stock up and have everyone use attack scrolls and it should fry the squid in a few rounds.
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
You mean magic siphon? It takes away like 30mp and then the squid ends me
You use the skill which drains down all his MP
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
Despite having played this game, it was years ago and I don't remember. :(
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
I know the dev probably doesn't check here anymore but does anyone know how to beat the slumbering squid? When battle begins it goes to sleep and one of the characters says that the squid wont wake up if we use scrolls or magic but whatever i do the squid still attacks even if i defend instead of doing anything. I can't progress because now that character stops me from walking further on the world map until that quest is finished but as it is it's impossible to win.
*adds to the to-be-played list* ^^
A surprisingly great game, thanks a big time.

It's kinda sad though you cannot get the achievements you'd missed before the island changed. Like how was I supposed to know about the frog stomping achievement or the fact that there even were achievements in the game? Also, I'm kinda curious what's behind the statue on the map with the achievement pillars? Does it open after all the pillars have been activated? Furthermore, I couldn't figure out where to find and fight the "dark version" of Dagree's father and his minions. Finally, I never found out how to enter the cave that used to be the frozen one but apparently melted after the cataclysm. I suspect that's somehow related to which permanent companion you chose before the kidnapping event, right? I've chosen Borgan and beaten the game with him, but even though I do have a save right before the chosing thing, I'm kinda reluctant/lazy to do it all over again with the other two. So, the question is: how does choosing different companions affect the game plot-wise? Is it really worth replaying two times? Does it ineeed "change the fate of the island" like it says in the description or is it nothing more than some different dialogues?

Anyway, thanks a lot, man. I honestly enjoyed your game. Guess I'll start playing the second part shortly.
I found a bloody bear in a house in Cardel . . . what is this for ?
Try downloading this version http://rpgmaker.net/games/3766/downloads/3732/
There might be a patch to upload in there (maybe not sure I don't know).
I joined this site because of this fine game, slight problem though, the link for the font fix leads to a fle not found page, could you reup the fon't fix file, thanks.
I'm looking forward to this fine game.
I found a bug and I don't know if it was pointed out in the 10+ pages of comments or not but I'm gonna post it just to be sure. When you use challenge scrolls they use the specific background of the spot you are standing on for the combat and some spits cause the game to crash because it can't find the required background. Example: because I'm lazy I wanted to use a couple of scrolls in front of my room at the inn and the game crashed because it couldn't find the Brickcave (i think) background. To avoid all you have to do is don't be lazy and use the scrolls someplace else, the world map for example. Great game btw, can't wait to finish it and get to #2
heya spirit! wanted to try this baby out but the font patch link is down. any idea of another place I can get it?

Edit: I realized it was just the general rpg 2000 font patch. Nevermind!