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This game is a tribute to the old school program RPG Maker 2000 that I used to live off of back in the day.

https://app.box.com/s/39b5a2b5219b0d9b310e THIS PATCH WORKS GREAT!


In this quest you play as a Dark Elf named Dagree. He's a simple treasure hunter who is normally feared by humans. For some reason, the citizens of Vitality Island aren't scared of him except for the naughty Royal Family. Along the way you can make choices in the game that determine what side character you'll end up with.

The story itself is easy to follow and doesn't really need to be serious.
Most of the characters that you talk to probably rode on the short bus.

Notes for the adventure; Other main characters come into the play as well. If you join up with the wizard he'll have his own problems that come into light during the quest for you. If you kill the wizard you get a thief to replace the loss. If you don't talk to everyone, future quests won't become available and you'll miss out on items, weapons, or hidden bosses. There are also abilities that your characters can learn (pushing stones, raiding houses). I'm going to guess that the game time runs at about 10 hours long or so.

Even though I'm working on Epic Elf 2, I had to return to this project simply because I enjoy playing around with it. I think that it's finally time to move on. If you enjoyed Epic Elf, this version will entertain you as well!
I fixed up the story, added more mini quests, enemies, jokes, bosses, blood, creepy stuff and secret items. Enjoy! Dagree gets a happy ending in this one!

Latest Blog

So the "Fixed Version" of Epic Elf is done!

I just submitted the (hopefully) final version of Epic Elf.
So, it's a little easier and a few extra things were added, like a side quest in Limbo and an extra cut scene with Daploma. You will be able to use your old save file incase you were wondering.
So I hope that helps those who had a hard time with the game, and if there are still minor glitches . . . . damn it!


Wow, another game about misunterstood dark elves. Didn't think I'd see that.
Maybe later the plot twist will be that the dark elf is really a tall beardless dwarf with dragon scales that protect his legendary beer belly from detoxing spider cats! Spider cats. Actually I haven't been keeping up with today's recent plots because I'm not cool enough so I wasn't aware dark elves were misunderstood here and there. Seems like everything has been done already!
OK, I've played as far as the bounty hunter, so here are some initial thoughts.
Overall assessment: worth developing further, but some issues

So that there isn't a big wall of text and because there are some spoilers, I'm hiding my comments

I've not found any bugs; big plus
Mapping is fine.
Good variety of enemies, making the 'mixed' groups interesting. Strategy is required.
I think I've found/done everything except I was called away when I was about to fight the little girl in the Spirit Forest, and of course when I re-loaded, she'd gone. Anyway, there is enough direction in the game to enable the player to move things along without it being too much a hand holding exercise.

The story line is too skimpy. The characters are mere ciphers, there is virtually no interaction between them. There are plenty of opportunities for inserting additional dialogue e.g. after Brawl activates his first statue you could have triggered some comment about his previous time with Dagree. I think many players want something more than just a simple 'hit everything that moves' motivation for characters' actions. Yes, you are given reasons why you have to e.g. go to the Winter Cave, but it's not fitted into any overarching story except that Dagree wants to find some treasure.

I think you need to be a bit cautious about some of the permanent bits of dialogue. What works as a one off can become tedious when it is repeated again, and again, and again and again. For example, what the inn keeper says in Magistic is fine for the first time round, but after that I just clicked through it as rapidly as possible; it just got in the way. In cases like that, I think subsequent interactions could have something shorter and to the point.

Difficulty levels jump quite significantly. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it does require reasonable opportunities for leveling up. However, all that is available is going into Piledrive Graveyard, hit the pillar to get sunset, go up, defeat one enemy, exit and repeat. This is what I'm doing in an effort to get past the bounty hunter who, IMO, is over-powered for this stage - unless there's a fourth character I could have picked up to replace Brawl which I haven't succeeded in finding (trust me, I've looked). Here's where the lack of a real story comes in again; I need to be sufficiently interested in what's going to happen to put up with a long grinding session.

Finally, a completely different thing - your brief description of the game when it comes up before getting to this page includes the words "and it's RTP". The word it's, with an apostrophe, is an abbreviation for "it is", not a possessive pronoun, which is simply "its".

If I succeed in getting past the bounty hunter (and I wouldn't reject some advice on how to do that) I'll give feedback on the remainder.

Just to be clear - I do think it would be worth while finishing this project; you have the basis for a good game.

I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
HAHAHA so far this game is fun. :) Not too hard and stuff is quite jam-packed with stuff and I love Drip more than I can properly express.
Found a bug. You get the message that the bounty hunter has died, but he carries on and does his attack even after that. It's only when he's finished making his move that you get the battle over screen with exp, loot etc.
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
I hope it was okay to crush all the frogs in Witchwood because I totally did.
Thanks littlebro for taking the time to give me some good feedback. I took your notes into consideration and I do want to add more story plots (like having Dagree and Mace sitting down having a drink). I'm gonna take time to fill in the gaps and hopefully make the story more interesting.
The Bounty Hunter is rather tough, so Ill make his shadow only appear a few times to make it easier. Glad you liked it so far!
I hope it was okay to crush all the frogs in Witchwood because I totally did.

Yeah, crushing the frogs will actually give you one Exp point, I just havent put it in yet. Just one of the secrets to come across!
Alrighty! This new demo fixes a few things that I took notes on (mainly what littlebro pointed out). It's a little easier and a few extra conversations were added.
I'm playing through the new version and I don't know if I've made a mistake or if a bug has crept in.
The first time round I got the man standing outside his house who had lost his key, and so was able to get into the Manor. This time he hasn't appeared, and I'm already at the end of the Ice Cave. What should I have done to initiate this event? I thought I'd done everything that I did last time.

Ah! That's one of the secrets you can miss out on. You have to talk to Fong Wong (joke off Xenogears, the main character was named Fei Fong Wong and they look similar) in the graveyard before the sunset and before you beat the Zombie boss. If you didn't talk to him you miss out on the manor key location and event.
That's the trouble with playing a game twice close together - I was sure I'd spoken to him, but I must have been remembering the first time.
No prob! I'll probably write out a guide when the game is done so people can find some of the secrets that are only available at specific points. For example; you can find an extra character hidden at the camp site near the witch forest right after you beat the bounty hunter.
So far, excellent game. I admit I was skeptical and was looking for a reason to turn it off. I almost did when the Dark Elf introduced himself at the beginning. Glad I did not. Mapping isn't great, but not horrible, and not much to the story so far, but the game play is a load of fun.
So far, excellent game. I admit I was skeptical and was looking for a reason to turn it off. I almost did when the Dark Elf introduced himself at the beginning. Glad I did not. Mapping isn't great, but not horrible, and not much to the story so far, but the game play is a load of fun.

I agree with the intro. I wasn't too happy with it (it felt real basic) and the mapping could use more structure. As I get more feedback I'm hoping the final project will come out better with a stronger plot/characters. The game play does get praised and that makes me want to finish it.
Well, initially I thought it was going to be a badly written cliche of a Dark Elf taking over the world, and I nearly cringed. But it was all a joke, and then it got pretty funny. I've probably put in about 1 and 1/2 to about 2 hours of this, so I'm sure I'll like the final product. It's been awhile since I've seen a fairly decent RM2K game.
Glad you like it. There have been way too many typical villians in RPGs where they say stuff like "kill all the weak humans and rule the world," or sappy love stories where the guy wins the girls heart after killing thousands of foes and saving the world. I'm not taking my game too serious with the plot and hope that people see that. Last time I made a game it was misunderstood; well, due to difficulty and a loopy plot. I've learned from my mistakes and hope to bust out better games that aren't so frustrating.
Glitch alert! I forgot to switch the chest after it is opened in the Secret Cave. So, if you want unlimited Vine Rods, there you go! This will be fixed in the final cut of the game.
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
Download limit for this game reached?? I have never seen that before!
Huh . . . I wonder what happened! Should I upload another file if this one doesn't work after a few days? Or is this a sign for me to release the final version?