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This game is a tribute to the old school program RPG Maker 2000 that I used to live off of back in the day.

https://app.box.com/s/39b5a2b5219b0d9b310e THIS PATCH WORKS GREAT!


In this quest you play as a Dark Elf named Dagree. He's a simple treasure hunter who is normally feared by humans. For some reason, the citizens of Vitality Island aren't scared of him except for the naughty Royal Family. Along the way you can make choices in the game that determine what side character you'll end up with.

The story itself is easy to follow and doesn't really need to be serious.
Most of the characters that you talk to probably rode on the short bus.

Notes for the adventure; Other main characters come into the play as well. If you join up with the wizard he'll have his own problems that come into light during the quest for you. If you kill the wizard you get a thief to replace the loss. If you don't talk to everyone, future quests won't become available and you'll miss out on items, weapons, or hidden bosses. There are also abilities that your characters can learn (pushing stones, raiding houses). I'm going to guess that the game time runs at about 10 hours long or so.

Even though I'm working on Epic Elf 2, I had to return to this project simply because I enjoy playing around with it. I think that it's finally time to move on. If you enjoyed Epic Elf, this version will entertain you as well!
I fixed up the story, added more mini quests, enemies, jokes, bosses, blood, creepy stuff and secret items. Enjoy! Dagree gets a happy ending in this one!

Latest Blog

So the "Fixed Version" of Epic Elf is done!

I just submitted the (hopefully) final version of Epic Elf.
So, it's a little easier and a few extra things were added, like a side quest in Limbo and an extra cut scene with Daploma. You will be able to use your old save file incase you were wondering.
So I hope that helps those who had a hard time with the game, and if there are still minor glitches . . . . damn it!


That download works..lol what happened indeed~ :3
I keep getting that neat "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" screen!
For those of you who played through the game so far, here is what to expect in the final version!

1) Story! Some of the dialogue (like the intro) will be slighty re-writen to my satisfaction.

2) Enemies! Some bosses may be tweeked just a little bit for more exciting battles. Some minor enemies that are stronger than shit will also be easier to beat. Every enemy will have it's own custom attack rather than the messages just saying "Enemy attacks . . .." I'm also removing all battles that appear in the world map.

3) Glitches! Hopefully I found most of 'em!

4) Feedback! Usually when I hear a good idea or two from somebody I throw it in the project.

5) Areas! I'll probably go through the game again and fix up some of the tiles that just annoy me.

6) An ending! Yes. This time you will be able to finish the game.
U sure can map. I love the overall style of the game. I also love your concept. Games today in general just don't want to be fun if you know what I mean. Anyway, good work.
Thanks! People seem to like the style I'm going with (games ARE suppose to be fun, not a chore). I wish I knew how to code better and make up my own custom menus and stuff . . . maybe my next project I'll do more research! Glad you like the game! It's the only reason I work on it . . . for entertainment.
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me

I'll drink to that!
Alrighty! This goes out to my six subscribers! I watched NicoB's vids on Epic Elf and he did show me a few things that could make the game a little bit better. So I'm taking the time to make the final project as good as I can make it! There will be a few more surprises, character events, battles effects, and items. I'm not going to re-do too much because I really want to finish this project sometime this month and start on a new one! As Aries quoted in FFVII "This guy are sick!" I had to put that in there. Okay! I'll get back to everyone later!
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
Where do you get the spell to animate the gargoyles again?? I found it on my first playthrough but for some reason I can't find it again. Was it the mage? I can't get him to join me again. :(
That part was kinda tricky I've noticed. You can talk to Bawl after you get the quest from that nun cat chick in the Witchwoods to visit the ice cave and he'll join up (he has the skill). I fixed a few events so people won't get stuck at that part. The final project is gonna be so much better now that I watched NicoB's vids he did on the game!
So here are a few new features to the final project I added.

You can now learn a couple healing spells, every classic RPG has this.

When you push a boulder, the process is much quicker.

You can rent rooms at the inns so you only have to pay once.

You can find or buy monster cards (they can be used anywhere to combat which card you use and they will help people level up if having a hard time finding monsters out on the field)

More effects; every enemy in the game has it's own battle animation; a spell effect mind ya, the enemy doesn't actually move with a battle stance :/

So I've been working with adding more content for a while now and I'm still trying to get the final project out hopefully by the end of the month!
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
I have a comment/suggestion. You said that level grinding isn't supposed to be necessary in this game, but when I got to the Cave of Winter suddenly there seemed to be a big spike in difficulty. The monsters were level 13 (according to the message on entering, I know monsters don't have "levels" in the same sense as heroes) but my party was only at about level 10. Might I request a bit of an easier time at that stage? :X
You got it! I've tweeked the game quite a bit so it should play easier on the final version. I've been busy with that little distraction called life the last few weeks so the game got delayed. I plan on finishing up Epic Elf soon so I can start something else!
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
Not life! Nooooo
but thank you. :)
I'm just happy to get feedback from those who like my project! The game is so much better now.
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
I should just say it's taking me a long time to get through this because I barely have any time left over at the end of the day. And also I find I'm still having to do some hardcore grinding to get my characters' levels up to beat the assassin after the tower.
I hear ya. Lately the days have been cruising by fast! I've been pretty busy looking for work (so far, no luck) but I only have to finish up the last level and figure out a decent ending. I added a 'card' system in the final project so now you can buy cheap enemy cards and fight them anytime you want. I'll make a post when I know for sure when the game will be done.
Woot first download on this demo. Eat it spirit!
Woot first download on this demo. Eat it spirit!

Oh, yes! I ate the whole thing!