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This game is a tribute to the old school program RPG Maker 2000 that I used to live off of back in the day.

https://app.box.com/s/39b5a2b5219b0d9b310e THIS PATCH WORKS GREAT!


In this quest you play as a Dark Elf named Dagree. He's a simple treasure hunter who is normally feared by humans. For some reason, the citizens of Vitality Island aren't scared of him except for the naughty Royal Family. Along the way you can make choices in the game that determine what side character you'll end up with.

The story itself is easy to follow and doesn't really need to be serious.
Most of the characters that you talk to probably rode on the short bus.

Notes for the adventure; Other main characters come into the play as well. If you join up with the wizard he'll have his own problems that come into light during the quest for you. If you kill the wizard you get a thief to replace the loss. If you don't talk to everyone, future quests won't become available and you'll miss out on items, weapons, or hidden bosses. There are also abilities that your characters can learn (pushing stones, raiding houses). I'm going to guess that the game time runs at about 10 hours long or so.

Even though I'm working on Epic Elf 2, I had to return to this project simply because I enjoy playing around with it. I think that it's finally time to move on. If you enjoyed Epic Elf, this version will entertain you as well!
I fixed up the story, added more mini quests, enemies, jokes, bosses, blood, creepy stuff and secret items. Enjoy! Dagree gets a happy ending in this one!

Latest Blog

So the "Fixed Version" of Epic Elf is done!

I just submitted the (hopefully) final version of Epic Elf.
So, it's a little easier and a few extra things were added, like a side quest in Limbo and an extra cut scene with Daploma. You will be able to use your old save file incase you were wondering.
So I hope that helps those who had a hard time with the game, and if there are still minor glitches . . . . damn it!


LOL, its a fun game so far. Nice work.
Thanks! It's actually almost done! I just keep going back and adding more stuff. I've already got ideas for my next project so I need to finish this one up pronto!
Yeah I finished out the demo today and you do need to finish up. It was fun, and man that valley girl......so mean. Add away, more will be better!
I couldn't agree with you more! I was working on the final level a few weeks ago, but most of the levels in between just didn't feel finished. Now I've got more surprises in store! All right. Time to get back on it!
Oh sweet,yeah never waste time talking to me, theres a game to be made....and played. :)
Alright! 69 downloads! Ugh. I'm a dork.
Alright! 69 downloads! Ugh. I'm a dork.
It's the best number you could possibly get! :D
YAY Spirit and Epic Elf are 69ing. Gratz!!!!!!!
Well, now it's 71. The party is over.
8O damn bigtime! That comment almost gave me a panic attack! lol

Yo! Check out my NaGaDeMo project, Grissan!
I had to take a short break on Epic Elf to try something new.
But don't fret! I'm still gonna have Epic Elf finished up soon!
Right now I've been having fun making Grissan. It's neat I think.
I think I'll finally have this game done by this weekend! All I have to do is work on the ending. Everything else is good to go!
And . . . it's done! For now, anyway. Someday I may go over all the glitches (that I haven't found yet) and add a few more things, but for now . . . I'm going with this version. Have fun!
Thanks! The game took long enough to make (I started in January)! It still doesn't feel finished! It's like that feeling you get with FFVII's last disk.
Lol, I was wondering when you'd finish this~ Good job! :D
Thanks! As my mentor once said, "The only reward for finishing a game is when the player enjoyed the damn thing!" So . . . now I'm gonna take a break and play other projects for a while!