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Progress Report

So the "Fixed Version" of Epic Elf is done!

I just submitted the (hopefully) final version of Epic Elf.
So, it's a little easier and a few extra things were added, like a side quest in Limbo and an extra cut scene with Daploma. You will be able to use your old save file incase you were wondering.
So I hope that helps those who had a hard time with the game, and if there are still minor glitches . . . . damn it!

Progress Report

And . . . it's done!

Alright! The game is done and ready to play!
I did the best I could with glitches and type-o's, so that's a plus.
I do plan to make a 'fuller' version of the game someday (based on feedback), so keep that in mind!
For now, I'm just glad I can say that the game has an end to it (even though it was a bit rushed I think). Enjoy!


Future Helper Sequel?!

Hello! I watched those Let's Play vids for Future Helper and the Seven Towers and for some reason it inspired me to make a satire. I did not actually play the game, watching it did its own justice for me! If you have time for a cheap laugh you should check out this link!


If you haven't checked out the Let's Play Future Helper vids I recommend to watch those first before playing its kick ass sequel! Enjoy!


My download link is busted!

Gibmaker pointed out that I reached the download limit for my game (it only had 17) and I guess that doesn't happen very often! I tried downloading it to see if it would work . . . and it doesn't. Oh well! I'm gonna release the final version hopefully in a few weeks and go with that. http://www.box.com/s/f301d4d21a6c1f57ed11 is another site to download the 80% completed game if you really want to! Have a good one!

Progress Report

To my 3 awesome subscribers!

The final version of Epic Elf is coming along just fine!

What I'm doing now (to save time, kinda) is when you get to 'the end' of the world map, you go back through the game again only to face it all over in a twisted form. (Example; The Blaze Cave turns into the Chill Cave, The Pond of Dew dries up into the Pond of Dread, the Devil's Desert morphs into the Devil's Field, etc). So even though you go through most of the levels again, they will all be explored in a different way! I think the game will only be around seven hours long, butt that's good enough for me! Thanks again to my small fan group! I wasn't going to finish this game, but I have no reason not to. Maybe Epic Elf 2 will be in the works if this one satisfies.

Progress Report

Skip the Intro?

I've noticed a lot of RMN games have the option of skipping the intro. Yes, I figured that out all by myself. Winning! Anyway, I'm guessing this is a popular trait in games and I'll add the skip intro option in my little game as well. My only question; is it worth adding a skip option if the intro is barely over a minute long? I was also wondering why designers who spend so much time on the intro would just have players simply skip it!


Looking for pointers to be a decent reviewer!

After playing many games and reading other gamer's reactions, I was just curious if anyone could give out a few tips so that I can write my own game reviews without it blowing chunks. I figured I'll write a review on a game here soon and see if I can make it work. If not, I'll know that I'm not a natural born critic.

Progress Report

I'd say the game is half done.

I made it to the point where you can play the game through the first half. When the game is finished you can use your old save file to continue where you left off. I'd say it should be done in a month or so.


Does anyone even play old-school games anymore?

I tried to come up with a good answer to this question that I asked myself. It seems to me that even though there were many great games created and presented on RPGMaker.net, none of them don't ever get the credit they deserve. And the sad part is that they are all free downloads available to anyone! I've played many games on this site that are far more entertaining than any modern RPG that we wasted $60+ bucks for. I guess in the end it's what the modern gamers want. I've been a modern gamer for over 20 years and I still say that old-school is the best. Maybe in the eyes of those who don't see it like I do; maybe, I'm just another grumpy old gamer. But at least the games that I play have heart, not sell-out bull shit. To be honest, I don't know why I even posted this random blog. I really don't know. The end.

Progress Report

I'm looking for ideas!

If anyone had time to check out the demo for Epic Elf and has input for making the final project a better success please let me know! I'm open towards any type of feedback being positive or negative.
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